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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I was curious to know what tools and pigments you would recommend to blacken a violin scroll chamfer. Also, do you use a specific varnish to cover it? How do you guys do it? Thanks!
  2. A long time ago, when I was first really learning about the suppleness of a good bow-hand, my teacher was trying to get me to feel the "paint-brush bristle" finger motions of a bow change. One exercise he taught me was that I should place a pencil on a desk any time I was bored/idle/not-being-watched-by-boss and, using only my fingers, to pick the pencil up horizontally as one would a bow-stick, over and over. In time, this proved to be very beneficial, as it taught me the sensation of using all joints in my fingers in a smooth way, and it helped to form the requisite nerve-connections. In that vein, are there any other exercises for anything, bow-hold, vibrato, left-hand frame etc. that you can do without a bow or violin, say, while sitting on your lunch break? I really enjoy these little things because it gives me a sense that I am not wasting time with life and associated niceties when I could be doing something beneficial to my violin-playing!
  3. I try to improve both my arm and wrist vibrato but I realized what I have learned so far is the Galamian violin hold, which has the index finger touching the violin neck, that limits the vibrato in 1st to 3rd positions... I don't know what to do: should I adapt to a different violin hold? or just make some changes when I need to do vibrato? thank you... Galamian: 'The left hand should touch the neck softly at the left and at the right side. This facilitates the orientation of the hand during playing. During playing in the first position the first finger put on the finger board should form more or less a square, but never a perfect square. The first part of the forefinger should touch the upper ridge of the finger board. Until the third position the forefinger on the finger board is an orientation, in the higher positions there will be the free position.'
  4. Guys I need to know how to use full bow hair as I need to play a slow Sautillé passage (the more bow hair->the slower the bow bounces) and I want to produce a fuller sound... Some say 'to use full bow hair, tilt the bow stick away from you, just slightly' Strings Magazine: http://stringsmagazine.com/4-ways-to-achieve-masterful-bowing-dynamics/ I don't get it?? my strings are absolutely parallel to the ground, isn't most bow hair is used when the bow is not tilted either towards or away from me at all???? thx
  5. So, from my knowledge, there are two types of staccato, stiff/also stiff, which is caused from a tightening of your shoulder blade and neck, and flying, which is caused from a loose wrist, and I would like to learn the stiff arm staccato, which was one of heifetz's signature. Some things i found about the technique: "There are interviews with 24 legendary players and even comments spoken by Heifetz about the day his Staccato just "clicked". He found Staccato one of the most difficult techniques to master. "That is what Heifetz himself tells us. But Leopold Auer had to show him the way originally. He mentioned a need to be mentally persistent and eventually the mind finds a way to overcome difficulties" http://tinyurl.com/lnjq7mx , a video from one of heifetz's students, and from her book http://tinyurl.com/mn4hfne Things I've noticed from Heifetz's hora staccato were that his grip changes as he switches bow direction. Does anyone have the knowledge of the basics of this technique?
  6. Hi all. Being fairly isolated from what other makers are doing, my dear husband has asked me to ask on here about what it is you do antiquing-wise, and why. European makers, is it easier to sell a fiddle that looks old? I don't mean those making bench copies, since that's a completely different endeavor than just trying to create an old-looking painting on a violin. Curious about all perspectives on antiquing, or to hear from those who renounce the trend. If that's what's going on...I mean, if 200+ years of something can be just a trend. But then, it may be: men were wearing wigs for longer than that.
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