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Found 17 results

  1. A total "newbie" welcomes you. Below are some photos of (my) violin - 'Anton Fischer Wien Anno 1866'. I have already obtained very reliable information as to their origin (as you can guess, not very satisfactory). ...'Dutzendarbeit 'Markneukirchen area and has nothing to do with Anton Fischer.' However, the question is... 'Verleger' or 'forgery'? Both answers will be satisfactory , because if: - 'Verleger', ...it has something to do with Anton Fischer, the violin is from 1866 (my oldest) and it 'passed' through his hands/shop... - 'forgery' ...it will be my first 'fake' violin in my 'amateur' collection ...but a question arises, what period are they from? PS: would like to add that the bow is to the viola, I will also like to learn something about it... Wojtek
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I have 2 Pirastro rosins, Schwarz and Oliv-Evah. I also have Tonica and Chromcor strings. I currently use Tonica and Oliv-Evah. However, I am a bit suspicious about those two, because there are some differences that are visible: My Oliv-Evah has a writing "Handcrafted Quality" instead of usual "Handmade in Germany" in the internet images. My Schwarz rosin has "Handmade in Germany" writing. My Tonica strings is fine in the outside packaging, but the strings holder (one made of paper with hole in the middle) has a very faint print and some typos. The color winding near the ball is correct, red and white. My Chromcor strings has a stronger print and no typos in the strings holder. Is there a chance that both of my rosin and strings are counterfeit? Or is it just an outdated genuine packaging? (especially for the rosin. There are no typos there) I do have plan to change my rosin in the future to Bernardel or Cecilia. How do I spot a counterfeit in those two?
  3. Hello all, I currently own a violin that is labeled as a Leon Bernardel violin but there are a lot of features on this instrument that are not consistent with anything of this maker. It may not even be French at all. I was wondering if anyone has some experience or expertise with identifying instruments, and what could have led to the fabrication of this false label. Quite honestly, I don't know the genuine age of this instrument. Here are some photos I have taken of the violin: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/brnb6cwf5vrnzcd/AAC6pShk38VlUsffQRVG7x_Na?dl=0 Some automatic giveaways that this is not a Leon Bernardel: -back of the scroll -the "bee-sting" on the purfling Let me know what you think. Help is much appreciated!!
  4. I have a viola labeled as a Stefano Scarampella. I assume it has been mislabeled but curious what people think.
  5. I generally like Vuillaume a paris copies of violins. Tried some in the past, often without many bad things to say about them. I was looking to buy one and I came across this violin. It has vuillaume a paris stamped on the back and a label, very potentially fake. But I am entirely confused about what kind of physical proportions this violin has. I've seen a lot of violins but NEVER like this one. Does anyone have any clue? I think it must be too thin/weirdly shaped to be a strad copy. Honestly, I think it's kinda hypnotic. Lol
  6. ramy

    neck back ribs

    We all know that back, ribs, neck of a violin should be made of the same wood, then if i can clearly see grains or flames or figures "whatever :D" on both back and ribs but not on the neck!! What could that tell us? And DO NECK WOOD AFFECT SOOUND QUALITY??? and thank you so much for your answers
  7. Hi there, I'm looking for an opinion on my violin. I posted some pictures and a description on my website at https://studiokingma.ca/Pfretzschner/ Basically, I'm just curious as to whether it's authentic, since I see a lot of posts floating around about fake labels and markings. I'm a violinist but not a luthier. From pictures, I can't tell if it's Chinese or German or factory or handmade. All I know is whether or not I like the sound! Thanks everyone
  8. My mother sent a copy of the certificate from Lyon & Healy that had accompanied her violin at sale, as well as a copy of Moennig's evaluation that it is/was in their opinion a Sgarabotto. The Lyon & Health 1917 catalog that contained the instrument numbered 4954, as well as the certificate, state: Giuseppe Guadagnini, Milan, i 750-1 760 Number 4954. Giuseppe Guadagnini was the second son of Giovanni Battista. He followed in his father's footsteps with respect to model and general character of workmanship, his violins being very often mistaken for those of his parent. This instrument is in a perfect state of preservation and has an exceedingly large, robust, brilliant tone. It is an excellent violin for a soloist, teacher or orchestra player. Price: $2yOOO This violin was sold to one Robert Vauk of South Dakota on January 8, 1918. The only thing I can think of is that the certificate may have been separated from its original violin. The description reads: "The back is formed by one piece of handsome curly maple, which is matched by the maple of the sides. The top is of spruce of the choicest selection, of straight even grain. The varnish is of a reddish brown color. This instrument is in an excellent state of preservation and is No. 4954 in our records." Moennig in 1974 writes "Violin labelled J.B. Guadagnini, Milan 17??, in our opinion, is the work of Cavaliere Gaetano Sgarabotto during the first quarter of the century. The back is of one piece slab-cut maple, with narrow irregular flames. The sides and scroll are similar to that of the back. The top is of two piece pine mostly of medium broad grain. The varnish is an orange-brown color." As Martin had pointed out earlier, the violin looks like kind of a rough and ready somebody's idea of a Guadagnini. It's kind of gouge-y looking with fixed cracks in the top, messy purfling, and looks as if it took quite a hit at some point. Despite all it is a real nice sounding violin and pretty to look at. My question is - do you think the Lyon & Healy certificate belongs to this violin? Any any other comments appreciated, as well. I'm just trying to flesh out what I know about this instrument.
  9. Looking for this violin which was listed in the Lyon & Healy 1924 catalog. I realize it's a fake, but am still interested in perhaps purchasing it (obviously not for $500 - hah! won't go to 5 figures, though) Let me know ifyou know who might have it! Thanks. "SEBASTIAN KLOTZ, MITTENWALD, 1772. Number 6930. A well developed model. Back, one piece birds-eye maple; top, spruce of the choicest selection for tone. The varnish is of a brownish color. The instrument is in a fine state of preservation and possesses a large tone of beautiful quality. Price: $500"
  10. I was browsing a site called the-saleroom.com in the hopes of finding a nice instrument listed in a live auctions. I searched for a Scottish violin hoping to find a few armature made or cheap antique Scottish violins. I found one at an auction in Glasgow which seemed like just what I wanted: 'SCOTTISH VIOLIN early 20th century' was the description so I waited for the auction and made a bid. The violin went for much less than I thought so was happy with my purchase but a little suspicious. The violin on the picture looked in good condition with yellowish varnish, a light wooden tail piece and old 50s looking box. After waiting the violin arrived. The box was as expected old, but on inspection the violin looked very lightly made with standard redy varnish, the fingerboard was painted black! and the varnish was flaking off the top of the violin with a slight rub of my nail. The purfling also rubbed off.. Finally I tried to set up the violin and it sounded very gritty like a badly set up banjo or guitar more than a violin sound, totally unplayable. Inside it said 'Edmund may Glasgow' in what looked like a label printed on a computer in ms word, with a cute music clip art.. slightly higher than where the old label should have been. I did a search and found another violin also from Edmund may of glasgow http://www.amati.com/auctions/violins/for-sale-at-auction/vintage-violin-refurbished-by-edmund-may-of-glasgow.html which sold for a higher price than what I payed. I checked the tail piece and saw (w Germany) on the fine tuners. The violin its self looks very much like a cheap Chinese factory violin maybe £40 max brand new. Defiantly not a hand made Scottish violin. I phoned the auction house and they said I had time to inspect the violin before the auction. I wasn't able to do this because I wasn't able to travel to Scotland so they said I should have asked for an inspection to be made. Is it me or would the auction house have changed their story of it being a Scottish violin if I had asked for an inspection? Its kind of like saying a car is a vintage Porsche but on inspection it was only a cheap Citron and selling it at a high price. So is this person buying old Chinese violins and putting them in old boxes claiming they are vintage violins, then selling them at auctions? The one in the amati page looks quite nice again but I am guessing another cheap fake. Has anyone had any experience of this and if so did you manage to get a refund? At least Ebay is working with paypal to stop fraud but it seems UK auctions are actively encouraging it..
  11. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Beautiful-Violin-Roger-Graham-Hargrave-Meyenburg-1998-/191976186733?hash=item2cb2ac236d:g:EtQAAOSwCGVX4ajn
  12. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154923840977662&set=pcb.10154923841412662&type=3&theater Interested in opinions on who may have made this violin. Acquired from a horse trader circa 1950s/60s in Idaho. Fake labeled JB Guad. Came with tattered Lyon and Healy "certificate of authenticity". May have had some connection to Weisshaar in L.A. Beautiful dark viola-like sound. Rather heavy fiddle. Suggested by Bill Moennig that it might have been made by Sgarabotto.
  13. Sometimes when I need fittings I buy a few cheapies from ebay or aliexpress alongside buying something reputable. My reasoning is half the 'reputable' stuff we buy might get sources from a factory in china anyway, so it's worth taking a punt to see. If the cheap stuff is the same as the good stuff then I'll take the cheap. My first violin it worked very well, I got a top quality fingerboard and pegs very cheap. This time around, much less. I got a cheapish ebony fingerboard from ebay, sharpened my plane to cut the hairs off the back of your hand sharp without looking and then proceeded to rip the guts out of the fingerboard on the first pass. Ripped the grain out along the whole length. Absolute rubbish. Next was some pegs that I'd ordered. Firstly I mistakenly assumed they were blanks I could cut to size (they were not, my mistake). Next, even though they were described as 'ebony' I could put a mark in them with my fingernail they are that soft. I had my suspicions these were just some cheap timber painted black and with a quick flick of a knife I was proven correct: Ya win some and ya lose some. However those pegs are getting sent back, the seller lied, I will complain to ebay and leave bad feedback. They are NOT ebony. Oh well, pay crap, get crap.
  14. So what do you think - Sartory or not Sartory? The negative image is to show the name stamp more clearly. You have to hit the right arrow on each pic to go to the next. Thanks. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154814637567662&set=pcb.10154814638322662&type=3&theater
  15. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Old-master-Italian-violin-labeled-and-stamped-Antoniazzi-Romeo-1901-Look-/321975347402?hash=item4af739e8ca:g:9OkAAOSwX~dWlrOL This example from Antoniazzi's experimental phase where he was using marker pens for purfling.
  16. I have a 4/4 violin with a label that reads, "Joh.Bapt.Schweitzer fecit ad forman Antonii Stradiuarii Pestini 18__" ~ it is dark brown in color and looks very old. It also has a very skinny neck. I can't upload pictures/don't know how - and i know the lack of pictures make it hard to really tell anything but any advice would be greatly appreciated. I was told that it has a $5000 value but I personally would like to know if it is real or a copy
  17. Thought people might appreciate this.
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