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Found 14 results

  1. Hello I have a violin in my hands which says inside Jacobus Stainer in Absam prope Oenipontum 17. Any chance to be genuine and not copy? Thanks.
  2. Anyone knows if there are recordings online with Vengerov playing on his Samuel Zygmuntovicz Kreutzer Strad copy 1727?
  3. Hey, folks! Let me preface this post by saying I'm not naive enough to think this is an actual Guadagnigni. Aside from the obvious characteristics that set it apart from the real McCoy (violin fingerboard stained to look like ebony and quality not on par with the true article), Guadagnini wasn't in Milan in 1784-- he was in Turin. I bought this primarily as a wall-hanger, but I'm curious as to it's origin and provenance (if any). I'd greatly appreciate any help you could offer in identifying this fiddle! Thanks in advance.
  4. A friend was kind enough to share some images of one of Nicolas Sawicki's early dG copies - made after Sawicki worked on il Cannone for Paganini. It is evidently thickly graduated, which I understand is pretty unusual for an early copy:
  5. I was looking closely at my mother's old violin today, and realized that something I'd always considered to be damage on the top actually looks like writing, perhaps by some method of engraving or stamp. It just looks too "regular" to be simply damage. I'm attaching a picture and wonder if anyone out there has seen similar. I cannot make out what it says. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154811576642662&set=a.447674227661.227685.626802661&type=3&theater
  6. Hi All - first time poster. I have recently purchased several nice quality instruments from a local deceased estate. Including several violins. One of them is an 1890 Hawkes & Son. "The Professor Violin" in pretty good condition. One of the others (pictured below) has an old looking label inside which reads: GIOVAN PAULO MAGGINI BRESCIA 1686 Obviously this is not a real Maggini, but it is oldish. Judging by the age of the cases and other violins I got, I am guessing late 19th century. So my question is, given it is a fake, but still a hundred or so years old does it still have some value? If so what sort of value? Also, is there a way to directly upload pictures to the forum, without having to use third party image hosts which bombard me with ads . I have lots more photos (none of which are great quality, sorry).
  7. I have a 4/4 violin with a label that reads, "Joh.Bapt.Schweitzer fecit ad forman Antonii Stradiuarii Pestini 18__" ~ it is dark brown in color and looks very old. It also has a very skinny neck. I can't upload pictures/don't know how - and i know the lack of pictures make it hard to really tell anything but any advice would be greatly appreciated. I was told that it has a $5000 value but I personally would like to know if it is real or a copy
  8. One of my good friends in my local orchestra owns a viola made by Carlo Bisiach, circa 1947. We are almost certain that this is a copy but are wondering where it comes from and how much it is most likely worth. He was given it by an old teacher who he has since lost contact with. The sound is clear, warm, and quite responsive, despite its false strings. Our nearest luthier is a good hour drive away, so before we get it appraised we were curious as to what maestronet would have to say. Pictures (there are 5 of them): http://imgur.com/7D9P2s1,vwEI9zc,MSS0Yte,L5j7ZLL,vvHXnn7#0
  9. Hi, This is the 'old' violin whose odd looking bridge and finer tuner were posted in the following thread http://www.maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/331713-please-help-id-the-bridge-and-the-fine-tuner/#entry656660 I am looking for more info regarding this violin. The scroll was very well grafted. I had to look at it carefully to believe it is an acutal graft, not hand drawn. However, most of the seemmingly cracks on the violin are hand drawn black lines. There is one actual crack on the right top F hole. I am guessing this violin is made around 1850's in the Bohemian region. Hope the experts here could provide more info. It seems to imitate an even earlier style from the 1700's, basing on the fake cracks. Thank you and Happy Holidays. What appear to be cracks are acutally black lines drawn onto the violin
  10. I also posted this at Violinist.com, so if you responded there, you don't need to here as well. I know this is a "copy" instrument, but does anyone have any idea as to what model or maker it most closely resembles? Small image: Large image
  11. Before I started this topic, I've exhausted all my skills by searching all the resources that were available to me, especially Maestronet, but I have not found an answer. So: I've seen an ad in which the seller offers a violin on which he knew nothing except that owned by his family for about 40 years. As a rookie here, I am unable to use Gallery, then - here are some pictures, copy-paste from ad: Everything I've found: "SCHWARTZMANN, Anton Worked circa. 1750 Mittenwald Germany. Musician and luthier. Few instruments recorded. Anton Schwartzmann musi- / kant und Geigenmacher in / Mittenwald in Tirol 17.." (The Brompton’s Book of Violin & Bow Makers). The seller's location is some 3 hours from me, by car in this time, so I asked him to send me a few more pictures, especially pictures of the scroll. What he sent, is here: My speculations are going in this direction: if this is a "real McCoy", the scroll should be grafted.This one is not, as much as I can see. So, it could be a copy, but where it was made and when? If it's a copy, are there its sisters? I kindly ask for opinion, before I go to the adventure of driving through Bosnian mountain in December in order to see and, hopefuly) play this violin (seller told me itis "playable", whatever that means). BTW, I am not a dealer, nor luthier - rather - I play violin for my own pleasure (and in one informal chamber orchestra, but of and on) and I like to consider myself able to do basic setup of violins that I buy from time to time. Some of them I sold (rarely), some (mostly) I keep, according to my pretty tight budget for my toys. Thanks in advance for your patient reading of my broken English and thanks a lot for any contribution to my humble knowledge.
  12. Hi there. Ive been trying to find out a bit more about the Imperial line of violins. From what I could find, there are 2 different lines of these. One being German, and one being Japanese. Imperial violins have the flat shield-shaped piece of wood on the back of the scroll, with the words Imperial Violin written on. My question is, how do you tell the 2 types apart? How do I know if it is German, or Japanese. Ive seen a few pictures online, found about 3-4 Imperial Violins on Ebay in about 2 years, but I cannot seem to find anything consistant to it. A friend of mine has a Imperial violin, and what a lovely violin that is!!! It's sound is completely different from any other trade violin that Ive played on. Very loud (not in a bad way), warm, open with that "Old" wood sound to it, and it is extremely responsive. You hardly even have to touch the strings for it to make a lovely sound. Unfortunately I only have one crappy picture of it (Which I will post below), but I can describe it a bit more. 1. the violin has been revarnished (Terrible, I know, If only I knew what it looked like before it had been done!) 2. the purfling is VERY close to the edges. Much closer than usual. 3. the neck is much thinner, and the violin seems to be smaller aswell. Not 7/8 small, but a smaller 4/4 scale violin. 4. the label says Antonius Stradiuarius etc etc (The usual), and then underneath Made in Germany. This is what Im wondering about. Non of the other 4 imperial violins I saw online had the name of the place where it was made written on the label. 5. The violin has, on the back of the scroll, that shield piece, with a star-like logo, and written on Imperial Violin. 6. It is a lovely flamed one-piece back. 7. On the scroll it doesnt say the model it is based on, like some others Ive seen. Now what I meant earlier about not finding consistant things to these violins, is that some of the imperial violins Ive seen says on the back of the scroll what model it is. For instance: Imperal Violin Amati. or Imperial Violin Stradivarius. Only in this one case (My friend's violin), does it have the star on the scroll. Ive seen one other violin on Ebay that had the Star/sun shape on the button of the violin, and read about someone who says they also have that on their Imperial violin. One of the pictures Ive attached below says Lowendall Imperial violin. From what I read, they were made at his shop or sold by him or something. Again, inconsistant to other pictures ive found, since only this one says Lowendall Imperial Violin. Does someone perhaps have anymore info on these Imperial Violins? I read a few years back they usually either sound great, or terrible. No middle ground. Also about the purfling being so close to the edges that it seems to almost "jump" off. This is an ebay auction that ended today for a imperial violin. I wanted to buy it, but the seller didnt respond to my shipping cost question.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/IMPERIAL-ANTIQUE-VINTAGE-VIOLIN-23-5-STRING-MUSICAL-INSTRUMENT-/321162156569?ViewItem=&ssPageName=ADME%3AX%3AAAQ%3AUS%3A1123&item=321162156569&nma=true&si=yU3KHiltiFvT3XOMmkiACl67zvQ%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 (on the 5th picture, look at the button to see the sun-shaped carving) Below I will attach some pictures I found online, aswell as the one my friend plays. Again, sorry I dont have a better picture. The first one is the one that my friend plays. Only the first picture. Notice the purfling. Thank You for reading.
  13. Hi all, I recently found out that one of my violin bows is very old, French, and rather valuable. It's labelled "E. SARTORY A PARIS" but I'm assured, by the people who are currently looking for buyers for me, that it's a decent quality copy, and not an authentic Sartory. It has also been fully restored prior to sale. The best offer they've had so far is £3500; they also said that if I were to try to sell it at auction I'd be likely to get half that at best. So I'm fairly happy with that, given that, in my few hours of research I found that most authentic Sartory's sell for something like £10,000-£15,000; so £3500 for a copy seems pretty fair. That said, I also convinced myself that mine's an original and so should be worth much more, though, as I'm sure is clear, I have no experience here ;-) Anyway, given my lack of experience, I felt it would be useful to gather some more opinions, should anyone want to offer them. Any advice would be very much appreciated! I'm also curious as to what might distinguish this bow as a copy from an original. Pictures below. Cheers and thanks in advance, Manny
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