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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everybody! I'm an avid amateur cellist interested in browsing online listings and learning more about their respective makers. Today I came across a beautiful cello listed at a surprisingly low price (<2000€) with the following inscription: "Leone Sanavia Liut.. Fece nell' anno 1930 Liettoli (Venezia)" I never heard of this maker before, so I googled him and it seems he was primarily a maker of guitars. There's almost nothing about his instruments though, I found records of one viola sold in 1998 and two cellos on the market right now not counting the one I discovered. To my moderately trained eye, it looks well made and preserved and I'm really enamoured by the scroll. I'm a little bit confused by the weird tailpiece set-up (one single fine tuner for the a string), overly long pegs and cheap strings - looks like fittings for some mass produced cheap instruments, which it can't be by the looks of it?! I'm tempted to go and see it in person, but it is quite the drive and I'd love to know a little bit more before making that decision! Maybe it really isn't anything but average, but something tells me that it could be sold by someone who doesn't know what they've got on their hands. Anyways, I'd love to learn something new and looking forward to some more expert opinions! Thank you and have a great weekend
  2. I had the privilege today of visiting and photographing some of the instruments on display and for sale at the Players Meet Makers event put on by The American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers. It took place at Lincoln Center. Since most of you live a lot farther away from this event than me (3 blocks away) I wanted to post these images so you could get a taste of these magnificent works of craftsmanship and artistry. The images are unprocessed except for size. Please forgive the lighting in some of the photos, I used what was available. I will be adding photos throughout the evening. Your comments and observations are always interesting. Which instruments catch your eye? The makers were very nice and helpful and I even ran into some old friends and new. Good times. David Bonsey told me the last time this exhibit was in NY was maybe 15 years ago so I feel lucky to have caught this one. I was sort of in a hurry to get through the exhibition and only now seeing the photos can I really appreciate how amazing these instruments are. If you identify any errors in attribution or violin/viola, please comment and I will edit accordingly. Also, many makers had multiple instruments and I only had time today to photograph one of each. Some makers had left by the time I was photographing. David Bonsey, President of The American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers
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