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  1. I have this bow by a maker named Enrico D’Argenio. I would like to know approx how much is this worth and nationality of this bow. Thank you so much.
  2. Hi, everyone! I am looking for some help identifying which member of the Nürnberger family made my cello bow. I have reason to believe it was made by Franz Albert Nürnberger II based on my research, but I am by no means an expert, nor am I anywhere close to being one. I have attached detailed photos of the bow and have enhanced the brands for your reference. There are three brands on the stick - “ALBERT NÜRNBERGER” in a sans-serif font above the frog, "1896" and "No. 5729" on the underside of the frog. As I understand it, the sans-serif font was used by Franz Jr. from 1884 when he took over the business until around 1910, when the serif font began to be used. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  3. The question title is really the whole question.
  4. Hi, Since getting a new grip for this bow, I've noticed a dent appear that I don't think was there before: Is this a concern for the value of the bow or for the condition? Does it need to repaired in some way or have a new grip put on? Bow is JA Lamy
  5. Has anyone ever tried the small-batch Deja "Soloist" Rosin? What were your thoughts?
  6. Hello, I picked this up at a garage sale years back. I brought it to a music store in Toronto, they suspected it is a practice bow and not an authentic original Bausch. I am going to sell it on a local marketplace app, was wondering what price I should post for, and was hoping to be double sure it’s not worth more. I have sold all my string instruments so it’s my last piece to clear out.
  7. Back again with the random bows. Clearly the screw does not belong. Was trying this with a recently made bow by a nearby luthier and def preferred the sound to the newer one. Guessing your typical german trade bow. No markings. Seems like an XV on the inside on the frog.
  8. I’m not familiar with bow makers or how to identify what kind it is. Can anyone make out what it is?
  9. Hello! A few years ago I ended up with an antique(?) violin bow that someone threw in with an old violin I had purchased. The violin was a strad copy from Germany made about the time of WWII. The seller claimed to be somewhat of a luthier, but as I have learned more I am not so sure of how good of one, as I found out later that the violin was set up very wrong. Anyway... the bow had old thinning hair, though it still sounded fairly good. I put it away though, because it was in need of repairs. I pulled it out as I am considering learning to rehair a bow and wanted to practice on a junk one. So... I decided to make sure that the bow was for sure junk before I, perhaps, ruined it! But, I am having a hard time finding a final sign that this is a fake. So much mixed information online. The frog is very plain, no pearl eye. It does have a mother-of-pearl slide. The frog makes me lean towards fake as I cannot find another Bausch with a frog like this (unless it is not the original frog). The adjuster screw is from a different bow I had. BAUSCH in capital letters is stamped above the frog, but no L. before the name. Though, I have seen several of these being sold, still claiming they are genuine?? Some say that as long as it is in caps it is real. But, when I read about Bausch, they only mention the stamps with the preceding "L." and or with the following "Leipzig". Also, the grip is all leather... no metal winding. I am not well versed enough to know how to tell what kind of wood this is either. I was hoping someone could help. I live hours away from a violin shop/luthier (which is why I want to learn how to rehair my own bows ) and was hoping I could determine whether this would be worth saving and having repaired and rehaired by a professional, or if it it is a good junk bow to practice on. Thank you! Any insight would be much appreciated!
  10. Any knowledgeable person out there who knows what this engraving means on my Tubbs bow?
  11. Hello there, Can this type of crack be repaired or is the damage too bad? And is there a chance that it actually comes from the Vuillaume workshop? I'm considering taking a chance and buying this bow if it's possible to repair. I'd appreciate any input.
  12. Not a remarkable bow, by any means, but the playability is quite a bit better than most German cottage bows I have owned. Pernambuco is well-figured, in my opinion. Regardless, it is just a standard nickel-mounted German bow circa 1960. Have I overlooked something?
  13. Hello, I recently bought some old but unbranded bows. I wonder if anyone would know if it is French, English or German.
  14. Any thoughts on lot 209 in the July T2? I'm assuming it's "workshop of" but could it be something else?
  15. Has anyone ever tried the small-batch Deja "Soloist" Rosin? What were your thoughts?
  16. Pics can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/6VV2GOB My parents have this kind of awesome habit of remembering that I like antiques and that I like having instruments and things for them regardless of whether I play the instrument they pick up or not. They found this bow for $5 as part of an auction lot and gave it to me. Aesthetics aside, as one can clearly see the finish is a mess and the grip is a bit ugly (but not worn through, only some missing edges; it looks and feels like old leather). I don't care too much about that as I don't need it to look pretty as long as it sounds decent. The stick is stamped Sofian Zapf and, under the frog, it's stamped Germany and weighs, if I'm rounding up, 57g. The exact weight according to the scale I have is 56.7g. The frog doesn't match the bow at all and was probably replaced at some point; it's (the frog) super heavy compared to my other bows but it's not so unbalanced that it's difficult to use. The screw seems a bit too long as well but the frog isn't wobbly and it does tighten and loosen normally it just--sort of sticks out a bit more than the others I have. Despite it missing half of its hair (and the hair that's left was put on badly, twisted in some spots, and at both ends there are bits of it sticking out as it wasn't trimmed or put in properly, feel free to roast whoever rehaired the thing probably decades ago, because even I can see it's a...less than ideal job), I did decide to rosin it up and see how it sounded. It sounds pretty nice despite missing half the hair. Nice, warm, rich tone to it. As far as I can see, it has no cracks or anything in it that would require repair. Haven't had a luthier look at it yet, though my instructor took a look at it and gave it a spin and thought it'd probably be worth rehairing if it doesn't need any major repair. If I don't manage to catch them in when I'm there for lessons, I'll have them look at it when I pick up the other old bow I currently have in for a rehair and minor repair.
  17. I’m looking at a few bows on eBay, trying to upgrade from my very basic Chinese brazilwood bow to something a bit better. Do any of these look worth a try? Any tips on what to look for in photos would be much appreciated. Thanks everyone
  18. I know this is most likely not a Lupot but I wondered if it’s possible to tell whether this is a decent bow from these photos? It’s not possible to try it before buying. I have a very basic Chinese bow so I imagine it’s probably better than mine but I don’t even know how to distinguish between decent pernambuco and brazilwood. Roughly what might it be worth spending on this and is it worth the risk? Thanks
  19. Greetings from a newb ... I recently acquired a 1968 Roth 4/4 in good shape but full of rosin. With it came 2 bows, a Lupot (also heavily rosined) and an unidentified one. I'd be very grateful if experienced bow aficionados would please weigh in.
  20. A friend asked me to take a look at this violin bow, but I can barely make anything out from the stamp. It is nearly illegible. All I can say is that it is silver mounted with a round stick and the wood looks quite nice. It also feels rather heavy. We don't live very near a good luthier, so we've decided for now to ask the internet. I'm afraid I don't know much about old bows... For further ID purposes: Does anyone know why the stamp would be so smudged? Is that just caused from prolonged use? Thanks for the help!
  21. Hi, I've introduced my self in another post, I'm an amateur luthier following directions from a maestro in Spain. My latest "creation" is a bow, albeit my maestro has a lot of knowledge about instrument making bows are not his speciality albeit not unknowk to him. Recently I finished my first bow, a 61 gram octonal bow from a blank of 6000 lucchi. Unfortunatelly when I play it (also amateur player) I see a lot of vibration when I ask for fortes and add some pressure to the bowing. Any ideas on what to check and what to correct. See some pics of the bow. Thanks in advance. Juan
  22. Hi everyone, Here you have some pictures of a violin bow a find very nice in all aspects (playing too) and it´s suppossed to be french. Please let me know what do you see from pictures since I´m just starting to study and see bows not only from a playing point of view. From my still great ignorance in bow aesthetic and constructive aspects I have some thoughts on this bow but I'd really like to hear from you. I see relevant: the kind and appearance of wood, top of head, nose, number of pins on both frog and button, rounded frog... What more should I look at? Many thanks!
  23. The photos are of an old bow that I have. The question is about what I assume is mother of pearl on the eyes, the adjuster, and the slide. I've never seen a bow where the MOP looks somewhat primitive like this. Is that just an indication of the age of the bow, or just amateurish workmanship? Since it is somewhat unique, is it worth having the MOP repaired when I get the bow rehaired? I've never had this bow rehaired, so I'm not sure if it's a good player or not. In fact, i'm not even sure it is worth rehairing, but just curious about the MOP. Thanks.
  24. ModMoon

    Info on Bow

    I aquired bo at estate sale. Just looking for information on its authenticity and worth ? It has an octogonalvshape and wood is in excellent Condition . Sorry photos aren’t great.
  25. I've recently seen a bow with a very interesting lapping. There was no leather thumb grip (french style?), and the lapping looked like it was made out of a silver lapped "a" string with a silk thread running thoughout. I would have never noticed if it hadn't started coming off at the end. Has anyone else seen this type of lapping? It seemed fairly innovative and i may try to replicate it.
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