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  1. Someone paid $6,500 on Goodwill for a 'Signed Collin-Mezin Luthier Violin - Paris France' (plus bow) https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/108036298 Which is above the top estimate for the one just listed on T2 https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2199371776&cpid=3655221248 Go figure
  2. I am releasing a large database of instruments including maker name, year built, price sold, date sold. Below is a link to the database. Due to the uncompressed data taking 40 gigabytes of storage, I will only be releasing the database without image data at this time. My goal is to increase knowledge of the violin trade through the eyesight of statistics. If one would like to provide critique or help in the project, below are desired questions regarding the database. 1. Accuracy: What information is wrong? Are there any systematic errors in the database? Is the price sold data accurate? 2. Generality: Where does the database fail in representing the entire violin trade (trade and contemporary instruments for example)? 3. Future work: What can be done with this database? What unanswered question is the violin trade ? 4. Accessibility: What is the best way to increase sharing this information? What method of sharing leads to the largest number of people being able to benefit from my data collection? Who is interested in having photo data and what is the preferred method for large file transfers? 5. Thought?
  3. For the July Tarisio auction, the listed price estimate for an Testore school cello that is in very poor condition is 30-50K. The head is not original, and it has multiple significant cracks as well as cosmetic damage. Am I correct in thinking this estimate is more than its worth? Also, how come Tarisio has 70 items for sale but only two cellos? https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction/lot/?csid=2199207936&cpid=2433531904&filter_key=
  4. This site has a few violins every so often, but somehow - link from Maestronet? - got on their distro list. Thought the following would be of interest. Sadly, this is becoming the new normal. When will companies learn to secure their databases? Note the price - just that of a not very good Juzek or dutzenware. "LiveAuctioneers disclosed a data breach after a well-known data breach broker began selling 3.4 million stolen user records on a hacker forum. BleepingComputer was told by the data broker that the database is being sold for $2,500. The breached data includes user's emails, usernames, MD5-hashed passwords, names, phone numbers, addresses, IP addresses, and social media handles. In addition to the data, the seller stated that three million of the accounts had their passwords decrypted, which were also included in the sale."
  5. Who are the primary customers buying at auctions like Tarisio (both the Fine Instruments listings and the T2 listings)? Are these primarily broker/dealers looking to sell to shops who in turn sell to customers; shops purchasing to sell directly to their customers; individuals looking to flip them for a small profit; and/or individuals looking to buy directly hoping to get a good deal even if they do not have the opportunity to play them in advance. I suppose the answer is all of the above, but which group are the majority of the buyers in? Many of the bidders seem to bid on a lot of listings and actively participate in every auction.
  6. We all know the unparalleled feeling of finding "the" violin. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I did: I went to a shop and found a beautiful instrument that has exactly the sound I am looking for. Therefore, I want to upgrade. I'm looking to sell my current instrument to set up the right financial situation. My violin was made in 1998 by Raphael Le Cointe (who then went to Cremona). I have an insurance appraisal for $15,000 and his instruments have sold for upwards of $20,000. I'm hoping to get 10-12K to offset the cost of the upgrade. The violin is in suberb condition: it's more a solist's instrument (powerful, bright, direct, and responses). However, and I am playing much more orchestra and chamber stuff now, so it's not the right sound for me anymore (I'm looking for something warmer and less penetrating). I've read a bunch of old threads (from this site and others) on various tips for selling violins and the different options one has (consignment, auction, private sale, shop sale, trade-in, donation for tax break, etc). However, I think I'm stuck at the point where only a private sale is a realistic option, despite the difficulties that come with trying that. Consignment: I can't afford to buy the new violin and put my current one on consignment, because the up-front cost is too high (and I don't want to get trapped in a scenario where my current instrument doesn't sell for years). On the other hand, I can't put my violin into consignment and be left without an instrument to play while I wait for it to sell. Auction: I think an auction would yield far too little money. I've contacted the bigger auction houses (Tarisio, Bromptons, etc) and they don't seem interested in a modern NY instrument. Trade-in: The shop where I found the violin I love (a reputable shop in the USA) assessed my current instrument for a trade-in. The luthiers there confirmed it is well-made and in very good condition but they required the vice-president's approval. He, for whatever reason, declined the option to trade the instrument, even though I would have paid a significant net cash difference. The shop won't tell me why they weren't interested (they want to charge me for a "verbal appraisal"), even though I think this information would help me. Donation: quite simply, my income is too high since I file jointly with my wife, and the tax break I'd get for donating, even at the insurance appraisal value, isn't worth it. Shop sale: I can't imagine a shop or luthier will just buy my instrument from me to add to their inventory if I'm not buying a new instrument from them. PRIVATE SALE: This leaves me with private sale. I have reached out to old teachers, fellow musicians, a couple of youth orchestras in the area, and some other resources. However, this has proved futile so far as I am finding that potential buyers have an inherent trust in shops (it's understandable: it gives an impression of legitimacy in case something were to go wrong). I'm looking for tips, resources, or even contacts anyone might have on how to get word out about my instrument and find a student who is looking to upgrade. I believe my current violin is perfect for an advanced player, especially someone looking to move into a fine instrument and continue studying solo repertoire (something like a promising high school student or early conservatory student). I have also listed my violin on Reverb.com: https://reverb.com/item/31296574-fine-violin-american-hand-made-4-4-size-raphael-le-cointe-nyc-1998
  7. Any thoughts on lot 209 in the July T2? I'm assuming it's "workshop of" but could it be something else?
  8. I've had my father's Juzek 1938 Master Art violin (Strad model, No 364, Prague) for around 30 years, and now would like to sell it. I would appreciate any guidance and opinion regarding where and how to realize the best value for it. I've considered auctions, but wonder which one ... for example in Europe, US (east or west), exclusive instrument auction, general antique auction, etc ? Then there are numerous violin shops (higher commissions?) ... and again, what area might be best for a fine Juzek ? I am located in SE Michigan. I'm not an expert, but I feel this is one of the most beautiful violins I have seen; it is in excellent condition (no issues), has a neck graft, but the diamond tailpiece was "misplaced" by a repair shop years ago. The sound is robust and bright. Some pics are attached. A big thank you for your thoughts !
  9. Here's a link to the Brompton's catalogue for their September sale. Enjoy! https://www.bromptons.co/auction/17th-september-2018/list/page-1.html?
  10. Hello, folks! This violin is Lot 110 of Tarisio London. https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction/lot/?csid=2198732800&cpid=3511681024&filter_key=43a8942f0a9e29ad57ffe63929f7ce7a Although it has Ceruti label, the estimated year is way younger and it seems not to have any features of Ceruti. To my amateur eyes, it is somewhat german. Anyway it has two german certificates, and I like its back a lot. Any comments and opinions are appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Hello, I am looking for a bow from Tarisio auction. My budget is maximum $6000 (including premium), and it seems that there are some fine bows within the price range in this auction. The problem is I am not in the US, so commissioning is impossible. It would be much appreciated if someone shares his/her opinion, who commissioned bows at Tarisio New York. (Especially Lot54(Morizot), Lot81(Martin), Lot89(Thomassin)) Any recommendation is also welcome Thanks.
  12. In Dwight's 18th Century Viola thread, Deans uses the term 'mad money' to describe what amounts to a gamble on an instrument or instruments at a distant online auction. For most purchasers of a T2 instrument, we won't have the opportunity to try them, but many of us will bid and sometimes buy. I have bought a couple of violins and a bow from T2 since the T2 inception, with low expectations, yet have been happy with the results. Dwight started the ball rolling, an 18th Century Probably French Viola in not bad shape, with a very reasonable guide price. I kind of liked this one for no other reason than that it caught my eye, but I probably won't bid on it because my mad money fund is lowish right now and because of the horrible Canadian Exchange Rate. I was also attracted to Lot 161 initially by its beautiful 'Fahrkarte' and then it grew on me! So, what about my mad money choices for T2 September Sale, and where would you direct your mad money?
  13. Hi, Please I would like to have information regarding this violin. Was it french? german? how about its quality? I liked the red back Thank you
  14. Maybe we should have a topic for auction scams... like this one, I mean, it has to be a scam, right? What are these people seeing that I'm not? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Vintage-Antonius-Stradivarius-Violin-Made-in-GERMANY-for-Repair-/112494753988?hash=item1a3135b8c4:g:NrcAAOSw4ntZdsX8
  15. I have a violin made by WC Ehrmann in Albany New york in 1908 which I planning to sell to move onto a better one. I bought it a decade ago for 8000 dollars. How much should I sell it for or expect to earn? Ebay is a site I may use.
  16. Hello all, Just wondering if anyone out there is eyeing the current Amati.com auction listings. I am a complete novice but have seen a few nice bows and violins. Any opinions/thoughts on the following lots. I haven’t been able to attend the viewings so going on my gut instincts. Lot. 73 I really like the look of this bow and the low reserve suggests it will hit a bidding frenzy? My hunch is it’s a nice JTL bow. Slight warping can be straightened so not an issue. I think it will reach about 1,200 euros (my guess) Frog looks nice and flush. good condition. Lovely head in my opinion. Wood looks to be good quality from my eyes. Lot. 71 Lovely looking Hill bow. Clean repair to back of head. So for a player it will be a good value. Good Broken bows are still sought after so I think this will get a good price. I have a repaired Lamy pere that I bought on the cheap and works a treat. Lot 65, 66 two nice childrens violins. I think both will have a good tone. Bargain price for my students if I can win either of these. Problem is they sell for much higher in Japan so I will be up against the big guns. Lot 9. Betts violin looks nice although not sure of the starting price. This is just my humble beginners eye opinion. Any experts please feel free to offer pearls of wisdom. Thanks,
  17. Bought this violin from ebay for £400, it is a "Josef Kloz in Mittenwald 1760" - antique 4/4 violin, i am only a beginner, and this will be my first violin. (if i refurbish it) The wood is still in very nice antique condition with some light scores to the surface, some little chips also to the edges as you would expect with a used antique item. Also looks like there has possibly been a few little pieces of wood to the rim edges that may have been replaced or repaired, although I cannot confirm this, perhaps that is just the way it was made? Violin will need restrung and possibly may benefit from a clean and polish. is it worth it ? how much would it cost me extra? Thank you in advance!
  18. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Beautiful-Violin-Roger-Graham-Hargrave-Meyenburg-1998-/191976186733?hash=item2cb2ac236d:g:EtQAAOSwCGVX4ajn
  19. Twenty-five lots, each of 8 blanks http://www.amati.com/auction/browse.php Also a box of uncompleted frogs..!
  20. http://www.amati.com/auction/browse.php?id=0 I was not quite sure where to put this, it does not quite fit the auction scroll or the luthier exchange, so forgive me if it's in the wrong place. Whilst browsing the upcoming Amati auction I saw that lots 139 to 207 onwards are a fair number of Pernambuco blanks. There have been a number of threads recently asking about bow blanks and this might be an opportunity for someone? Especially if someone else will do all the tiresome paperwork?
  21. Anything of interest here? https://www.bromptons.co/auction/8th-december-2015/images/page-1.html ...and since I am trying to educate myself rather than just look at pretty pictures, why is lot 409 possibly Italian rather than probably German? https://www.bromptons.co/auction/8th-december-2015/lots/409-an-interesting-violin-possibly-italian.html Thank-you for your comments in advance
  22. Hello, i´ve got a question: Does somebody know the results of the latest Beares Auction? I am very interested to know the prices for violins by Vuillaume and Sgarobotto, viola by Storioni and Lupot and Tubbs violin bows. Unfortunately you can´t see the results online. Thanks in advance for your answers.
  23. We were discussing the Amati Auction in another thread and today hubby and I were at an antique Auction...which got me wondering about regional vs specialized auctions vs mindset. I know auction mentality kicks in and people overspend...but around here I swear auction prices far exceed retail prices...yet dealers are buying stock and I can't figure out how they are making a profit. I assume violins (specifically) also fall into that category? Or do dealers only dump and NOT buy from auctions? And who wants dealer discards? Obviously people are making money...
  24. Missouri relatives, who know we're looking for a violin upgrade, enthusiastically alerted us of a March 14 "fine instruments" auction in St. Louis, sending us TV news clips, catalogue links, offers to go look, etc. Just curious why almost everything remained "unsold" (lots #40-118.. couple instruments went at or near "opening bid.") Were the estimates so far off on account of the wares? Midwest venue? http://linkauctiongalleries.com/auction-sale-results/?solecist=1011+++&viewtype=all&displaytype=Descriptive%C2%A4cyrate=US+Dollars-1&Display2=View&EMAIL=&b_e219247d96789bad51fabd6ec_a8d67f9796=
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