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Found 8 results

  1. Hello. I’ve recently decided to start upgrading my violin and was informed by a luthier that one of the first things they’d recommend changing out to easily get one fine tuner on and improve the sound of the violin is the tailpiece. The tailpiece has 4 finetuners, appears to be made of ebony, and uses a metal strip instead of an actual tailgut. They offered a Wittner tailpiece, but after reviewing differences from the Wittner tailpiece and wooden tailpieces online, I preferred the sound of the wooden ones. Which then brought me to my next question, what wood is best for violin tailpieces? I can’t find many videos showing the differences between the most common tailpiece woods (Pernambuco, Ebony, Rosewood, and Boxwood) but heard that Boxwood and Pernambuco sound the best. Which wood in your guys’ experience has the best sound? I know that string after length, tailgut length, weight, and quality of the wood can affect the results. But it seems that Pernambuco might be the hardest to get wrong with the best reward in sound. IMG_2714.mov
  2. Dear Forum Members and Readers, Short version: I am seeking to acquire an old Viennese style tailpiece as shown in the photo below. Please message me here if you have one or have a lead for me or if you don't have an account and are reading, email me at EdHeidegger@gmail.com. Longer version: If you have followed the ups and downs, highs and lows, twists and turns of the Plunge thread, you might have noticed that a couple of years back my uncle gave me my late grandfather's old Viennese master violin, made in 1778. Since receiving it I have had it identified, authenticated, and restored/repaired into fine form, with a lot of help along the way from noted forum members, one in particular. The main repair (done by an old friend) was fixing the angle of the neck. I do very much want to bring the violin back to an as-close-to-authentic state as possible. I believe the pegs to be pretty old. The tailpiece that it came with is modern. I have since acquired an older tailpiece sort of like that in the images but it has been identified by an expert as a later german mass-produced tailpiece that was modified to slightly resemble the tailpieces in the image below. Simply put, I would be overjoyed to be able to bring further post-baroque originality to this instrument that is very meangingful to me and my family. I am asking the help of the wide-reaching arms of the forum members and those reading to put me in touch with someone who has an old Viennese tailpiece like the ones shown in the photos. Thank you in advance for reading this post and for your comments, even if you cannot help me with my quest. Even a discussion about the tailpieces below would be appreciated. Please message me if you have any leads. If you are reading and don't have an account, please email me at EdHeidegger@gmail.com. I am also interested in old Viennese violin fittings (pegs, buttons, etc.) but the tailpiece is my primary item of interest. Cheers
  3. I'm looking for a new professional violin, and whenever I try a new one I like to tap the tailpiece just to see what it sounds like. Every tailpiece seems to have a different pitch and different decay time, and sometimes a tailpiece will put out a dissonant collection of several pitches at once. I've noticed that on the nicer-sounding instruments I've tried, the tap tone of the tailpiece seems to match that of the body of the instrument (if it's a pure tone). However, from what I understand, too much resonance behind the bridge can cause wolfiness. I'm not a luthier, just a performer, so I'd like to know if anyone thinks there's actually a connection here, in their experience. Does the tap tone indicate some quality of the violin, or just the tailpiece itself? Should this be taken into consideration when choosing tailpieces? Or does the tone only reflect some aspect of setup?
  4. Hi everyone, Dumb question from a violist who has played for awhile but has never done any customization: I want to switch out the Wittner tailpiece for a Hill style on my 15in viola. I found the one I'd like for the price I want on Shar (it's not my main instrument and I'm not going to be performing any solos; just teaching my kiddos but I want it to match my boxwood Teka chin rest, so it doesn't need to be anything crazy expensive). It says "full size", so will it be okay for my instrument? Thanks everyone! I'm learning new things every day!
  5. Hello everybody I had a Kevlar tailgut on one of my cello. it was about in the middle of the space of the lower bout. I put it there thinking that I was doing that the weight of the tail piece was at its maximum. but it made the 1/6 proportion (distance bridge-tailpiece )to the string length "wrong" (too short 100 instead of the 115 required for the "right " proportion) an other violin maker decided that it should be changed and put the tailpiece at the official distance 115. now the cello has two more wolves :-)) easy to put it back as it was no problem but I was wondering if I was right : the weight of the tail piece is at it maximum when in the equal distance bridge saddle which dampens the wolves why does the shorter tailgut (saddle-tailpiece distance) produce more wolves I was wondering why it happened Any idea ? thank in advance
  6. I am curious what other makers think about the new tailpiece whose end facing the bridge is on an angle instead of parallel? Has anyone installed this type of tailpiece? Anyone seen research on whether the acoustics improves, stays the same, or other wise? Cheers for any and all help.
  7. Anyone tried tailpieces like these? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Violin-Schmidt-Super-tailpiece-Pernambuco-SUPER-SALE-/111653934478?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19ff17d58e Do they really "Enhance" the tone? Just wondering for interest sake.
  8. I have not worked on very many basses... but a 1/2 size, apparently with a buzz, showed up in my shop yesterday... 3 questions... because if the problem buzz is with the bass bar it will not be worth it to open up the instrument. 1- This bass is a student Pfretzschner plywood bass and the client got it as a donation from a school who said they thought that the bass bar was loose causing a buzz. I have inspected the bar thoroughly with good light and mirrors while tuned to tension. There is only one short area where the glue seems to have a small crack, but it does not seem to move under pressure and it is near the center of the bar on the bass side. The ends seem firmly fixed. It seems unusual that the bar would be loose in the middle and not the ends.... is it likely or even possible that the buzz can come from here. There are lots of loose slivers and pieces of ply around the edges that to my mind are the source of the buzz. 2-Do all tailpieces follow the standard sizing?... ie this unit has a Thomastik 4 adjuster style tailpiece that looks monstrous... but it is only 287 mm long compared the the standard 1/2 size tailpiece length of 310mm. The standard length of a 1/4 tailpiece is 290mm. I could not find sizing info on the underside of the tailpiece. so I am wondering what size of tail piece is this? 3- The tuning gears are in serious need of lubricant... what is appropriate to use? Thanks for all your help!.... Mat
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