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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings all, My wife recently purchased online a rather fine looking violin. This will expose my ignorance, but when she said that it had Sam Zygmuntowicz on the label that did not immediately mean anything to me. I did some research on Sam Z, got a bit excited, and then got suspicious. Some basic research on Tasario listings showed some discrepancies between what I had and some of his patterns in labeling. I attempted to contact Sam Z directly, but the email I had gotten from a friend is no longer active, and my attempts to track contact information down have not gotten anywhere. So I present to you a series of photos for your consideration. Regardless of who exactly made it, is a very nicely made instrument with some fine wood selection and a lovely finish. Could it possibly be one of his? I suspect the answer is no, but I'd appreciate your consideration. My biggest three doubts are 1) No serial number or brand anywhere on the interior of the body. I put a camera inside and looked around and found nothing. It would appear Sam Z has done this on some of instruments, I don't know if it is all 2) The date and location flip on Sam's label. All of the labels I've found have the location, then the year, this one is flipped. 3) The fact that some random person on the internet was selling it. And finally, and I recognize the uncomfortable nature of the request, I would appreciate some contact information for Sam Z. If someone is passing off their work as his, he may want to know, and if this instrument looks to you as possibly one of his, I'd want to get verification from him if at all possible. Labels Upper reads Joseph Guarnerius fecit Cremonae anno 1735 Lower : Samuel Zygmuntowicz 2001 (2?) ~ New York Measurements Body Length 355mm Narrowest point at c bout 110mm Widest point 209 Overall length 582
  2. Sam has very kindly agreed to appear in a live Q&A session on Cozio today - we'll be talking to him about his approach to tone production and other issues relating to sound. Lots of interesting questions have already been submitted, which we'll be presenting to him over the course of the live chat. If you'd like to take part, it will be happening from 2pm GMT (9am EST) here. Hope you can join us!
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