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  1. Hi All, A friend of mine bought this violin for £1 at a carboot sale. Madness regarding even the amount of flamed maple. I ran a google image search and found this - https://www.isabellesviolins.com/gandbernardel/?photo=Back - by way of the purfling around the button (see image) - the perfling has the same diagonal split near the neck too - similar single piece flamed back and scroll - I can also see similar grafting on the head / scroll - F holes and perfling looks a bit different on front but have found others by the same maker that match. - It looks like someone has attacked it with a sander and crappy varnish on top?
  2. Hello, I really love to know your opinion about this violin I recently acquired. It has a label, seems write with ink: "C.... Luthier ordinaire de la Reine A Versailles 1780" It has 3 strips of paper in 3 of the ribs I suppose from a french book of the time. It has the four corner blocks and the neck is attached with one nail. The back in 2 pieces has cleats in the inside. It has a LOB of 353/354 Thank you all
  3. Hi all, I wanted to hear your opinions on my violin with a label that says it is made by Lucien Dolphyn in Brussels in 1931. Can you comment on the authenticity of the label and workmanship of the violin ? Thanks a lot in advance, Satanik
  4. Hi erudite members, It will be great to hear your opinions on my violin labelled to be made by Charles Poncin in Brussles. What do you think about the authenticity of the label and the workmanship of the violin ? Thanks a lot in advance! Satanik
  5. Hey. Another newbie here. Ive done a bunch of research about my uncle's violin. Pretty positive the label is fake lol but I have learned a ton. Interesting journey into old violins. As a newbie how do I post pics to get some info about it and show off some interesting stuff....like the friedrich & bro chin piece with the church and graves carved in it? Anyway he got it at 12 in 1955. His aunts owned a music school in NYC. It's Labeled Gand Luthier eleve Lupot 1830. Which Gand did study under Lupot but not in 1830. Has a Friedrich & Bro chin piece from NYC. That guy died in 43 I think. He did import violins and has some interesting info online but I cannot find another chin piece remotely similar to this one? It looks like maybe it let me upload 1 pic but not anymore. Maybe as a comment?
  6. Hi! I came across a listing today for a kind of average looking violin but with an interesting label. I don't know much about violins other than to not trust labels, but I would love to learn. Does anyone with more experienced eyes have any insight on this? If it's a forgery (my guess is yes?), a common forgery, a more random one-off forgery from someone more creative, a shop's relabeling to sell bought in instruments, etc? Any thoughts would be rad! Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi, Could someone help me identify the style of maker this bow head is shaped in? I personally think it is Ouchard but not too sure. Thanks!
  8. DON’T DO IT! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F283782169430
  9. Here is another one of those “French” violins, possibly from the same dealer that Germain purchased from mentioned in another thread. Thoughts? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F163720171755
  10. Hello, I am thinking of purchasing this violin. The seller says it's French from early 20th century. Can anyone tell me about it? There is a small crack on the backside, going up the middle from the chin rest, and the purfling is damaged. How much would this cost to repair? Thanks! Kristen
  11. This seller seems to be a source of suspicion in several posts... how does this listing look? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F163642185951
  12. Hi folks; I came across this violin recently, with some interesting features. It is not mine yet, as the label on the pics evidently tell. I wondered if anyone had a clue wich country it comes from (german ? french?) if it had been submitted to an antiquizing process, and if it is worth acquiring/repairing. What are the marks at the scroll ? the bottom rib seems heavily damaged or is it only superficial ? Thanks a lot for your help, LJ
  13. Hi All, I could use some help with identifying a violin Branded Charotte à Paris. My best guess is Charotte-Millot, Joseph. It doesn't have a label, it has a brand on the upper block, and a stamp or brand in place of a label. The unfortunate brown overvarnishing on the lower portion of the top didn't want to move. Thanks for your thoughts, Moses
  14. Hi everyone. First want to say what an amazing resource Maestronet is for laypersons like myself interested in violins, history, data, and science. I recently acquired a violin via auction and did a dendro to try and gain some more information about the violin. The violin is labeled as a 1743 Castagneri and at least some experts believed it to be a genuine Castagneri, but a dendro suggests that a more likely earliest creation date is 1755. The wood is similar to many other pre-Revolution French violins but no exact tree match. It turns out that while previous researchers had put Castagneri's death at around 1760, an apparently more authoritative source puts his death at 1747 (see http://www.viaductviolins.com/maker-detail.php?maker=143 ). So the question now, is who made this violin?! For me, the sound is fantastic and I look forward to playing it for years to come, but after reading as much as I could about Vieux Paris, Turin, Castagneri, and other makers in Paris of that era, I'm eager to learn as much as I can about the violin. I've had a few people suggest Gaffino as a possibility and I understand he took over for Castagneri at some point. However, I'd like to know what other tidbits the experts out there might have to say about this violin. I'm happy to post any additional pics if they'd be useful, but below is a shared folder containing some images of the violin. Thanks in advance! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1awC4gphuv99tSlYR-P_xxLU848UxVTn2
  15. Long time lurker, finally coming across some interesting items. I came across a french bow from a violin shop that was very interesting to my eye and plays very well. It is a tortoise shell, gold mounted, with a "Y? V?" stamp under the stick. What do you guys think? Is this a legit bow or not?
  16. I wonder if anyone in the group could advise me if there exists an archive of images and/or information on French cello bows from across the date range 1800-1900? I am researching the development of the cello bow but can find very little information on the CELLO - most authors seem to think that there is only one string instrument - the VIOLIN. Any help would be greatly appreciated - thank you in advance.
  17. I recently picked up this cello bow branded "J. Hel" on both sides of the stick. The brand looks original and although the bow has a head splice and quite a bit of handle wear, the octagonal stick is made of nice wood and the bow plays wonderfully. So well in fact, that it has become one of my own favourite bows rather than being passed on to my young relative as was originally intended. To my surprise, the eyes on both sides of the frog and at the end of the button are made of solid silver and not pearl. I have not seen this anywhere else, but is this common to any makers, or could it be something that was added later on to add weight? More generally, do anyone care to venture a guess as to the possible maker of this bow? I know that a lot of octagonal J Hel bows were made by CN Bazin, but to me this does not look like his hand, although possibly one of his apprentices - the head reminds me of Thomassin, if not the ferrule (provided that the frog and button are even original). any input much appreciated
  18. Hello, I've been reading Maestronet for years and finally have a question. A new student of mine purchased a few years ago a violin labeled Carlos Despini, fecit Taurini anno 1879 (from my memory). The varnish is more red than most instruments. They purchased from a former teacher for about 20k USD. They asked me what I thought of it and I said it was alright, decent instrument, and then they told me the price...they claim they negotiated with the former teacher for many years on the purchase price. A luthier from France, told me it's likely a French instrument (we both agree the price was acceptable for the local market). anyway, I was recently speaking with them about purchasing a new viola, since the student has all but abandoned the violin (and has in fact won some international competitions on viola), but they were very opposed to selling the violin. They told me the previous teacher "spent" about 34k USD about seventeen years ago on the violin and had "done them a favor." It all sounded like nonsense. When I saw the paperwork I saw: 1) A Certificate of Authenticity by Machold, with stamp 2) A pamphlet with pictures and information on the violin 3) A receipt for 34k USD (in the local currency, which I won't reveal) that states it was paid in cash, no stamp I told them a letter of authenticity by M was essentially glorified toilet paper, but I would like to know: #1 Was Carlos Despini a legitimate maker of Turin, or just a name used by French makers/factories? (Yes, I know not to believe the labels, but I'm just curious if he was real at all or not because I've yet to find any records online for this name beyond pathetic auction sales). #2 "paid in cash"...on an unstamped receipt for a considerably large some of money (circa 2000-2001). Could have been inflated by M for insurance purposes, and/or with posterity in mind (i.e. The original purchaser expected to sell it for a sigunificant profit and use this "receipt" to claim a false value)? ...or used for tax purposes? thank you!
  19. Hello there, I am thinking about buying this violin. It carries the label of a reputable late 19th century french maker, but a knowledge violin friend thought it to be a bit younger. What do you think? Any opinion much appreciated, thanks!
  20. So a friend of mine bought this violin at a small auction and got it for $70. He then decided he didn't really want it and gave it to me a few months later. Lucky Me! Well I restored it by removing the black patch of rosin build up and taking it to a luthier to have a few seams re-glued. After the restorations, the violin plays great and has a set of dominant strings on it which respond very well. (And yes, I know the images display D'addario prelude strings. I purchased the dominants a few months after these pictures were taken). I then had a conversation with my local luthier trying to determine the origin of this violin (The inside label says "Antonius Stradiuarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1734" which gives me absolutely no info about this at all other than its a copy of a strad, just like millions of other violins on this planet). He told me that his first impression was that it was Chinese because of the varnish but because of the purflng, it seems French. However, the arching around the outside doesn't swoop down then back up like a typical French violin. We went on and talked about different features this violin has that pointed in completely different directions on the globe regarding its origin. I guess I'm just curious because this violin is not like any one I've seen before. Any opinions about anything would be greatly appreciated. Extra info: It has all 4 corner blocks (this is nothing like a mass-produced instrument from the 20's) There have been no cracks/repairs besides re-gluing seams The varnish looks exactly the same in real life as it does in the pictures (So there's nothing to worry about with poor color reproduction) If you want any higher res or cropped images to focus on certain details (Or even images of something I didn't take pictures of) feel free to ask, I can take pictures any time. I always feel determined to get the best picture of what I'm told to take a picture of so no need to worry about anything being out of focus, blurry, or having poor lighting.
  21. I don't know much about his violin except that it looks as if it had a catastrophic accident (like someone sitting on it, or similar). The neck does not appear to be original to the body, but is apparently quite old as well. The repairs are extensive, and were all done at the same time, so someone must have cared enough to undergo all of that. I've already had one opinion from a good local luther, and was told it "leans" toward Italian with respect to the wood, age, purling. I'm just curious if any of you can determine anything about it from the photos, like the country of origin, age, school, etc. Or....what it's NOT. (FYI, if you can't read the brand on the bridge, it says "Bein & Fushi Chicago".)
  22. Hi, Recently i have bought an interesting old (French?) violin. Was wondering about the age of the violin.. It has a neck graft, pins at the button and a pin near the end pin. It has multiply stamps. Saying: "A la ville.. " and I read : "Nico..." It could be from Nicolas Didier Aine, but I can not make that out of the rest of letters. I also see the letter "L before the letters Ni... (doenst come through on the picture's) Long story short, i have no idea what the stamp says. I hope that someone on the forum knows of a similar model. I read that many violins have been made in Mirecourt from around 1860 with the stamp "A la ville.." It seems to me that this violin is a lot older. My guess would be 1780, which is unlikely seen the stamps, but if i look at the aging of the varnish, the well performed neck graft, pins in the backplate etc.. It seems quiet old. It is well made on the inside with a nicely carved bass bar and 4 corner blocks. But maybe i am being mislead by the pins which are placed to make it look old. I also add the picture's from the auction house.. I would very much appreciate feedback on this violin..
  23. I'm having a hard time figuring out the origin of this instrument. It seems to have a lot of French attributes. It is 24" long, French boxwood pegs with MOP inlay, the saddle could be from anywhere I suppose, and the scroll looks to be French. The top and back both are one piece, which is another clue I think. Also the ribbing seems to be more present than normal German violins from the 19th century (if it is from that period) My confusion is in the varnish. There is no label. If you can identify a maker, Chanot, Schweitzer, even Peter Wamsley maybe (here's hoping), that'd be great. Any help is appreciated. Thank you! [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http://http://s1045.photobucket.com/user/Maestrojobo1/media/2015-06-29%2020.17.52_zpspzc4f06s.jpg.html'>
  24. Hello, im completely new to this site, and I dont know if im doing this right. Anyways.. Let me introduce myself, i'm Niam, a violin dealer in UK and I have acquired a lovely looking violin. I would like to hear your opinions about anything about the violin (value? origin, age, etc). I'd love to hear different insights. The violin is in perfect condition and has fluted f-holes, a nice blonde varnish and well done purfling. Im hoping the pictures will upload and that i did it right O.o Thanks!
  25. JoeG

    Violin ID

    Here's an old battered and shattered violin whose maker could probably be identified without too much difficulty. The label appears to have been removed, if it was ever labeled at all. The images have been reduced to 50% original size. Will post some pics of the head asap. Thanks in advance for any help offered, JoeG [edit] Though not readily visible in the front view, there is a notch to the north end of the peg box.
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