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  1. Hello everyone! I'm planning on making Francesco Ruggeri's cello because I am struck by the beauty of his cello. But I don't have his historical and his cello's characteristic information.It's lucky that I got 1694's detail measurement and some good picture last year.Besides,I would like to get more detail but I cannot get anymore. I was wondering if you tell me how can I get more information?? Does anyone who know something good books or good his information?? thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, I want to build a cello based on 1740 Montagnana. The model is not so different from a Stradivari cello except for the heights of the archings that in Montagnana are much higher. I wanted to ask: this greater height proved a less powerful but sweeter sound or even increases bass? Levin
  3. I am looking at an authentic Paul Blanchard Cello from 1891. I like the sound and how it plays but wonder what experts think of the lutherie of this particular maker. More precisely my questions are: - How do his instruments compare to the more famous french makers (Vuillaume, Bernardel, Lupot…)? - Does he belong to the best french violin makers or is he somehow less good? - Is a cello by him a good investment? - What would be a fair price to pay for such an instrument in good condition? - I read that instruments after 1885 are to be valued lower. Is it true and why? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, Sebastian
  4. I am a first time poster! I purchased a beautiful Cello. The paper tag says "Midway 1807". Curious if you could help me identify this beautiful instrument. Photo of Tag: http://i.imgur.com/718TOlR.jpg [EDIT]: New album: http://imgur.com/gallery/vTvNY [old photos] Album of Photos of cello: http://imgur.com/a/WpImN http://imgur.com/a/MD6gg Discussion Thread on Reddit; https://www.reddit.com/r/answers/comments/40a5fk/i_purchased_cello_from_1807_on_craigslist_what/ Thanks guys for taking a look!
  5. Today my clients of a chamber orchestra asked me for baroque bows of middle range and reasonable price from an european dealer or maker. Will appreciate if you share your experience testing and dealing with such a bows. Thank you all in advance. Stepan Demirdjian
  6. http://s1190.photobucket.com/user/cellist86/library/
  7. Hello all! I am an owner of a cello I would like to get some more information on before I sell it. The inner tag reads "Framus Georg Hellmer Copy of Stradivarius Made in West-Germany" I used it for a number of years [at least five or six] while I was a student up until 1999, as evidenced by the nicks and scrapes on it's body. Images of the cello here: http://imgur.com/a/LUTqQ I am also contacting what I assume to be something related to Framus, as this page lists my instrument, but provides no other information. http://www.framus-vintage.de/modules/modells/modells.php?classID=18&typeID=140-147,151-155,159&katID=4679&cl=EN So, I have a number of questions: Condition. How would you describe it, what would it take to remove the blemishes, and is that something that should be done before selling? I don't even know the etiquette for selling instruments, are "as-is" transactions generally frowned upon? I thought I had more questions, but at this time I'm drawing a blank. When trying to appraise an instrument, what questions are asked? Approximate value, and what it could approximately be sold to a private party for. Cellos have a huge range of values is the bulk of my understanding.
  8. Hello, everyone! It was suggested to me to try this forum for an inquiry about my new cello. I just bought a lovely instrument of unknown origin. My best guess is late 19th/early 20th century German manufacture, but I'm just a player. The label on the inside is largely removed apart from this tiny piece, and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what it could be? Many thanks for your time!
  9. So I got a old Juzek cello (brand name) on ebay. It arrived, dissasembled, of course (what fun!), and came with bridge that had feet that look like this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6dp7YWUdpExMGRUTEJCNnZXdEU/view?usp=sharing The feet are scalloped. The edges connect to the top perfectly. I've never seen this before; anyone know what it could be for?
  10. Dear colleagues, I am directing two summer programs for high school and college undergrad/graduate students, and have merit and need-based scholarship funding available. If you are interested, please check out the sites and send me a message! The Capistrano String Institute takes place from July 5-11, 2015, and offers programs for students working on solo repertoire including lessons, performance classes, masterclasses, and rehearsals/performances with a full symphony orchestra led by professional orchestra musicians from around the US. There is also a teacher development workshop, featuring Kerstin Wartberg, the author of Step by Step and Recital Training who is joining us from Germany. www.capostrings.org The Capistrano Chamber Music International Festival takes place from July 26-August 1, and is a week-long intensive program for students interested in string quartets and piano chamber music with strings. Our exceptional artist faculty includes William Fitzpatrick, Yoko Matsuda, Minji Noh, Kookhee Hong, and the 2014 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition Grand Prize Winners, the Telegraph String Quartet from San Francisco, California. In addition to our regular participant program for K-12 and college students, there is a full fellowship Young Artist Program for advanced musicians who wish to study, perform, and teach chamber music in collaboration with our artist faculty. www.capochambermusic.org We are especially prepared for families to attend our summer programs, as we offer local transportation, child care, practice partners for younger students, and on-campus meals at very economical rates. I look forward to hearing from potential participants and their teachers! Best wishes, Gene Wie, Artistic Director Capistrano Chamber Music
  11. What is the round button-like thing on the belly of the cello? Is it some kind of wolf suppressor?
  12. If you watch this video, and look at the cellist playing, you will notice just how low the action is on the cello. The strings are very close to the fingerboard, and it looks so comfortable to play, compared to some of the cellos Ive tried playing before. The nut seems to be much lower, and the bridge is most likely also lower. Wont this under normal circumstances cause alot of "buzzing" against the fingerboard, due to the strings being that close to the fingerboard? Is this set up normal for cellos in your shop? Could string gauge cause/lower the buzzing of the strings? Thank you.
  13. Looking for some help here. I'm working with a used cello. It is a Lewis & Sons Ton Klar "The Klengl" model number 1920. The person I purchased it from states that is was made sometime in the 1960's; however, I have my doubts. I've scoured the internet looking for any more information on this brand, it's history, this cello, anything and have come up dry. Any thoughts?
  14. Hello everyone, This is my first post here. I am not a cellist at all - I'm a classical guitarist (and amateur luthier half way through my first classical guitar). I have a second hand student cello (Stentor Student 2) which I purchased cheaply on ebay for my kids. Sadly it was sent in a soft case and with the bridge up, and it sustained very bad damage in transit - a two foot long crack on the top, running vertically. The seller has refunded me and suggested I dispose of the instrument - he does not want it back. I'd like to have a go at the repair and assume I will need to remove the top. My question is how I do this. With a classical guitar, top removal is horrible because of the bindings and purfling, but from what I have seen on the internet removing a cello top is more straightforward, consisting of slow careful insertion of a knife to break the glue join. I assume that my cello will not have used hide glue or anything which will loosen with heat? Could anyone advise a rank novice on whether to top will come of on this cello in the manner I describe? Thanks very much, Sean
  15. Somewhat challenging arrangement of the famous Londonderry Air (O Danny Boy) for violin and 'cello. I'm giving away individually licensed pdf copies to interested performers, temporarily, though that doesn't mean you can photocopy or reproduce in any other way. Appendix gives some intonation background for playing in tune. tuned digital demo at https://soundcloud.com/williamcopper/547sd and perusal score at www.hartenshield.com/0547SD_Londonderry.pdf William Copper
  16. I bought this cello, it was abandoned in a basement and i dont have any idea about it, id would like to know if its worth repairing, it has a few open cracks, and info would be greatly apreciated, if you need any extra photos let me know, Thanks !!!! http://s46.photobucket.com/user/vomitorio/library/?sort=3&page=1
  17. I've been looking around to see what height my bridge needs to be because it seemed unnaturally high even though it's a medium sized bridge (about 15 mm on the C string and 12 mm on the A string). I was wondering if anyone knew what I need to do to lower it because I have been asked to join the Athens Youth Symphony and my audition for the Governor's Honors Program is coming up and it would probably sound a lot better if my bridge were lower. Please help.
  18. I am planning to make a curved bow for my daughter to use with her cello. While I am more than willing to make it all up from scratch, I would love any details that might prevent me from making too many false starts. I have not seen any curved bows in person and the pictures I have seen have a hand over the critical parts. I am planning this along the lines of a normal cello bow, with these modifications: Riven osage for the camlen, it is hard, flexible and durable. The frog's tongue will be several degrees from parallel to the stick with the spread wedged in the ferrule to have a rounded back in so as not to dig into the hairs as the hairs are bent over strings. I also plan for the frog to have an upper and lower section that can toggle open giving extra slack to the hairs when not in use. In any case I will have supplies to try and try again as I attempt to work this out. As I try to keep the weight down, I would not be too surprised if I ruin a few sticks and frogs. Until I get a functional one made, I will not be throwing any inlay onto the inevitable fire. Bob
  19. ...You learn the part yourself! Ive seen people joke around trying to play a violin like a cello, but never have I seen or heard it being played this well, in this position. I really think this is worth watching. What do you think?
  20. Quiz game open for all MNeters! This early 20th Century cello is...english? french? or somewhere between Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic? Other? (The OP thinks it's not Italian, BTW).
  21. Hi all, I don’t know if it is proper to post this topic here or not. I am looking for a cello competition for 8 grader student near Boston area but cannot find any good information from web. School teacher and my private cello teacher did not give me too much help either. My cello teacher is a very detail and very professional teacher. Sometimes when we spent months to finished a music, she said I can try a competition by that piece of music. This time she told me that again which is very encourage me. I have joined school district competition last year and I am seeking some other competitions. Bigger or smaller one does not matter to me because I need to experience it. I am very appreciated if someone can give me information about this or give me direction where I can start. YuCello
  22. Brief Description: Cello I have a few more instruments that would like to sell, and they also need qualified evaluation. I would be grateful for any help. Long Description: Very old cello. Being in the condition playing. It has a few cracks on the upper deck which was newly reconstructed well. The tool has been restored long ago, when it was I do not know. A very fine and interesting Italian cello early 1800's. Beautiful Golden yellow over red varnish. Pegholes bushed. Grafted neck. Unlabelled but identified by experts as being Italian, Milan school. Size 742mm Outstanding professional instrument. The head is made from pearwood, perhaps the sides and bottom of the deck also pearwood. The sound of the cello is awesome, very deep and colorful. I have never heard a more beautiful voice! Further Info: 20-30 years ago, brought from South Africa to Ukraine. Thanks in advance for your help! 2526x3046(1.15 MB)[/url] 2460x4255(1.50 MB) [/url] 3072x4608(2.10 MB) 1688x4521(1.85 MB) хостинг изображений 2149x4469(918.30 kB) хостинг изображений 3455x2941(4.88 MB) хостинг изображений 2083x2605(1.24 MB) хостинг изображений
  23. I hope this is an appropriate forum to post this. If not, I apologize, and would appreciate some direction for a more appropriate forum. Nikolai Tambovsky cello 2001 - Stolen Feb. 14, 2013 from the owner's home in Topeka, Kansas. It has a distinctive small rectangle of wood on the front upper bout where the maker filled a knot. The back is one solid piece. The pegs are a caramel colored wood (rosewood?), ornately carved, with little black balls on the ends. This is a professional-level instrument. The bow is a professional Coda bow. The cello case is a cream colored Bam hard suspension case with black handles and shoulder strap. The case also has wheels and a pull at the top. Please see the photos at http://s1288.beta.photobucket.com/user/Johnny_Kaw/library/Stolen_Tambovsky_cello Please, if you are offered this instrument, or if you see it anywhere, do the right thing. Contact local law enforcement and mention this posting. I have read the the thread in this form re: dealing with stolen instruments, so I think many of you have been in this situation. You may also contact me at steve_pinkston (at) yahoo.com. Thanks for your attention.
  24. I know this may seem stupid but I have a Dampit and I have no idea how to get the ring that the Dampit came with onto the Dampit. It seems too small for the Dampit tube. Without it the Dampit falls into the cello. Any suggestions?
  25. Hello everybody, this is my first post on Maestronet, although I have enjoyed following many discussions. I'm making a new cello for a customer and I've just completed the varnishing process. When I went to string it up, I realized that the projection had dramatically changed from 80mm to 92mm. As I do for all my instruments, before starting to varnish, I set up the cello and had it played for a week in the white. As everything was fine I removed the whole set up, including the fingerboard and post and began the varnishing process. It took almost two months and half of the time it was under UV light where I kept the cello humidified. Throughout the two months I had issues with some persistent open seams which I attributed to heat in the UV cabinet. Since I discovered the projection problem I removed the front for a thorough inspection and found the front arching quite distorted. All the corners, specially on the treble side, curled up and the cross arching had flattened, causing the f-hole wings to raise above the central area. I measured the arching heights both top and back and found that they had dropped by 3-4 millimiters. Since then I clamped the front onto the ribs to keep it flat as well as setting the old post, which I had to cut down a couple of millimiters in order to stand it up. In the last 5 days I've managed to gradually pull the post to its correct position and that has helped the projection to go down by 5mm, so that it is now 87mm. I was told by the supplier that the wood was seasoned and ready to be used. I haven't glued the top back yet and am wondering if this has happened to anyone here. Any suggestions would be most welcome! www.protaniviolins.com
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