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  1. I've played a hardingfele, but it wasn't a very nice one. I'm going to make one sometime soon. -Archinto-
  2. My Weber viola case came with one of those silk instrument bags, but I never use it. I figure, why bother using a baggie when the case hase a nice thick blanket to protect the instrument! -Archinto-
  3. Your fingers will keep getting swollen until you start building up calluses. If you play alot, they'll develop in no time! -Archinto- p.s. I am honored to be the one to reply to your very first post! Welcome to maestronet [This message has been edited by Archinto (edited 04-21-2002).]
  4. I like Helicores. They're wicked! (for fiddling that is!) -Archinto-
  5. Maybe we should call it a violombone. tee hee -Archinto-
  6. Crystal, I started leaning the banjo about a year ago. I've got a Gold Tone "Orange Blossom" banjo w/ gold trim. You should take the banjo into consideration when learning a new instrment (even if it's later in life). Granted, it can be tough, but it's worth it! It's great that you're looking into the mandola. It's a wonderful instrument. Good luck!! -Archinto-
  7. I'm so glad to hear that you love playing fiddle! It's such a fun thing! Wow, hearing about someone else discovering something new is kindof inspiring me to learn some more stuff on the banjo! I'm happy for you Eclectic Lady! Have alot of fun!! -Archinto-
  8. I was curious about his type of thing when I was young and first started playing viola. The string sustain on my violin (the one I made) is: G, 13 seconds D, 9 seconds a, 9 seconds e, 4 seconds Not too bad for the dragon headed fiddle! -Archinto- I forgot to mention, I have D'Addario Helicores on my fiddle [This message has been edited by Archinto (edited 04-04-2002).]
  9. I oil the fingerboard with linseed oil after planing it. I then sand the oiled surface with fine sandpaper. That's the most I've done to a fingerboard when oils come into question. -Archinto-
  10. quote: I don't know if there's such a thing as a shipping case for violas. Since a 16.25 inch viola would be about, I'm guessing, 27 inches in total length -- and isn't the viola bow somewhat shorter than a violin bow -- you wouldn't be saving as much in case length by removing space for a bow in a viola case. Viola bows are actually a little longer than violin bows. -Archinto-
  11. quote: Which instrument did you go practice for a while? I practiced the banjo. -Archinto-
  12. Well, I went down and practiced for a while. I'm starting to learn a song I like. That cheered me up a little. I also found another G lick on my own! That made me REAL happy! I just wish I had a teacher/coach. My last instructor moved to Maine last summer and I really miss him. Thats when I started neglecting my playing. Knowing that there are people out there who care makes me happy. Thanks! -Archinto-
  13. Yes, they do make a "violin only" case. My boss has some. They're pretty small. I don't know who makes em', but I'm sure that someone here on maestronet does. They're nice little oblong suspension cases too! -Archinto-
  14. I've been playing the viola for about 8 years (I'm good at it too). I started playing the banjo about a year ago. I just don't know enough tunes yet, and all the tunes that I do know, nobody ever plays them at jam sessions. I know how to sing a few good Flatt and Scruggs tunes, but I'm too nervous to sing them in a session. That and someone always beats me to the part I want to sing because they all assume that I can't. It makes me angry. -Archinto-
  15. I know that I'm not the only one out there that has this problem. I picked up my banjo to practice it today (I've been neglecting it for about a month) but I just couldn't do it. I put it back in the case after playing a few tunes with negative thoughts in my head. Thoughts like, "I'll never be good enough" or "Even if I try, I'll never be able to jam with everyone else". I don't practice my viola either. What should I do? There aren't any banjo players here that are easy to reach. That, and I'm kindof on a funk right now. I know that depression doesn't help practice at all. Can anyone give me words as to what I can do?? I feel so "musically" hopeless. -Archinto-
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