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  1. edi malinaric

    Our Future is looking Uncertain.

    Hi Bill - I agree on both counts. cheers edi
  2. edi malinaric

    Our Future is looking Uncertain.

    Hi All - I was looking for something to post to cheer us up for the festive season. I came across this and am strangely disturbed.... cheers edi
  3. edi malinaric

    Asymmetry; Character or poor craftsmanship?

    Mmmm - maybe Toni's great-grandfather? cheers edi
  4. edi malinaric

    Asymmetry; Character or poor craftsmanship?

    Hi Bill - they're there - first thing I noticed - taking a rest, outlining the gables. Top and bottom holes the same size. cheers edi
  5. Hi Rue - in Afrikaans Opa (sp): Oupa = Grandfather (Ou = old, Pa = father) Tantes (sp): formal - Tante = Aunt (singular), Tante = Aunts (plural); familiar - Tannie (sing), Tannies (plu) cheers edi
  6. edi malinaric

    Aluminium cello pegs?

    That would be my preferred approach too - a sound-post dowel and then work my way up through different weight of hammer from a 2 ounce "toffee" job up to a 14 lb sledgehammer - somewhere along those 7 - 9 steps something has to give! If not, there's always the reverse anvil approach - never fails. People always look at me oddly when I say that a hammer is a precision instrument. cheers edi
  7. edi malinaric

    Suggestions for how to address this knot in my new Krenov plane?

    Hi James - that's the modern way of doing it. I was taught to finish- sand walnut gun stocks using fine waterpaper and a 50/50 mix of turpentine oil and linseed oil. It works up a slurry of dust/mixture which then quietly fills all the porosity in the stock. I can assure you that this approach works just fine on ebony fingerboards too. cheers edi
  8. edi malinaric

    For your amusement - Desperate Dad

    Dad rushes off to a kite shop to buy the correct diameter carbon fibre rod...
  9. edi malinaric

    Grain orientation for blocks

    Hi kayjay - here is some relaxation that will answer your question - and some you didn't realise that you will still ask. cheers edi
  10. edi malinaric


    Hi Guitartorre - I'm the last guy to say "not worth doing" or "replace is the only option" so this is a first for me. From the way the wood has cracked I suspect that the wood used for the neck my have been force dried too violently or at too high temperature for too long - something like that - leaving the entire wood too brittle to withstand the stresses.Best seen by the insert of a patch inside the pegbox that is in an area that shouldn't be stressed at all! I don't know of any way to cure that. A successful repair is impossible because the wood will just crack either side of any repair that you do. To use a phrase often used to soften a damning report the wood was "not fit for purpose". Only good repair would be select a nice piece of air-dried wood and carefully study it for 5 years before beginning to carve it. cheers edi
  11. edi malinaric

    Gouge sharpening

    Aah - surely that's the recipe to put a razor edge onto the blade :-) cheers edi
  12. edi malinaric

    Gouge sharpening

    Hi Violadamore - at a glider work party scraping off decades of accumulated old coats of paint from the D-box of the wings, one of the party came with a 1" chisel that had a chip out of the blade. Looked like someone had tried to shear a nail - and the nail won! I lent him my chisel and pulled out a little 1" x 3" x 3/8" stone that I carried in my toolbox and set to. What with using up a good amount of spit and working the blade backwards and forwards I managed to grind the edge back by about 2.5 - 3mm and hand it back to him with a warning to watch out for the edge - demonstrating by shaving off a few more hairs from my forearm. By this time the stone was beautifully flat. Took me all of ~ 45 minutes. As you said "lots of patience". Then I had to touch up my own chisel - how do you damage an edge removing paint? cheers edi
  13. edi malinaric

    Gouge sharpening

    Aah - is that what it was?
  14. edi malinaric

    Gouge sharpening

    Fun idea - not sure that they would let me back in though. cheers edi
  15. edi malinaric

    Gouge sharpening

    May I beg to be admitted to the company? I also judge when to stroke the chisel on the strop by the change in the sound of the"'zing" as you take a cut. Helps to have a keen ear. cheers edi