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  1. quote: Originally posted by lwl: Kath, Are you visiting, or moving into the area? Hi, kind of both - I am visiting S.F./west coast quite long time. I'll be here next three months. Kath
  2. quote: Originally posted by Toscha: 3 places I can immediately think of: Hope this helps! Toscha Yeah, it does! Thanks. I may stop by at Ifshin because I know the Berkeley quite well - I have studied there sometimes Kath
  3. Hello, I am arriving San Francisco on Thursday and I just noticed I need some rosin etc. violin stuff. Can anyone recommend me some violin store around the city of S.F.? I tried to find the information from archive but at least with a quick look I didn't find. A huge thankyou in advance! Kath - a bit in trouble now
  4. quote: Originally posted by wolfnote: All right, now I'm confused. I don't understand the concept of relaxing my arm. If my arm was to relax I wouldn't be able to 'pinch' the fingerboard/strings between my thumb and fingers. I know I'm not supposed to apply weight to the neck so I have to keep my arm somewhat neutral which makes it somewhat stiff. HELP! Hello, I think people are saying that you need to be relaxed and string should be a continuation of your finger. If you try to do vibrato like forcing it won't work. But of course you need to feel the fingerboard :-)
  5. Hello, I am interested in to know is here anyone who has started violin playing as adult? I started violin playing a bit over year ago, I was then 22 years old. I have learned quite quickly and I am able to play quite well simple pieces. I have played piano 18 years now and been familiar with music always. What do you think, do I have any kind of possibilities to join orchestras some day although I have started violin playing this old. Kath
  6. quote: Originally posted by Mu0n: I noticed the music faculty of my university has scheduled several "master classes" for different instruments, violin included. Who can tell me what they are, who can attend, personal experiences, etc. -Mu0n
  7. Thank you for all of you for good recommendations! I think visit at least Studio City Music. Kath quote: Originally posted by james: I've been to most of the shops mentioned, and I would give Studio City Music my highest recommendation... but that's only my opinion.
  8. Hi you all, I am next week in west coast of States. I was going to find a new bow and also some strings etc. during my visit. Can anyone of you recommend any violin store in San Diego or L.A. Thanks! :-) Kath
  9. quote: Originally posted by Violina:
  10. quote: Originally posted by Violina: Yes, I have heard him live!! And in fact I am going to go listen his church concert today [/b] Oooooo!!! Last time I heard him live was at the Sibelius Academy in April:-) He was marvellous, as usual! Where was that church concert? What did he play? Öhöm, taidat muuten olla suomalainen? ;-) [/b] The concert was in Tampere. He played Bach and as great as usual! In fact I know Pekka, we have some common friends. Joo, olen suomalainen Kath
  11. quote: Originally posted by Toscha: Kath: But please don't get discouraged by my comment! As long as you enjoy playing the violin and the sound you produce makes you happy, isn't that the most important thing? I have known some professional players who do not particularly like playing their instrument, although they play well. So, happy practicing! Don't compare yourself with others. Enjoy your progress and playing your violin. That is the most important thing. Best wishes, Toscha Toscha; no, I am not getting discouraged by your comment!! I love violin playing - it is not so easy all the time (but what new thing is really easy all the time?? ) but anyway enjoy it. Although every tone is not perfect, it is not so dangerous. Some day I can do it! I have decided to learn to play violin as well that I can join at least city orchestra some day. So nothing can not stop me practising, practising and practising!! I have encouraging, nice and talented teacher, she has done long career as violin teacher. And I think I have learnt quite many things when I have been her student. So I think I have quite good possibilities to learn to play well - I just have to work for it. Thanks for great comments!! Kath
  12. Andy, in fact I have done that - and in fact when I play the scale before starting the "real playing" I get the better result!! And not so much those awful tones I was just curious to know how quickly beginners learn to play quite well Thanks for advice! It is just most difficult to try to play the scale first, I just would like to rush to piece and start practising it Kath
  13. Hi! How long does it take to learn play violin properly - without those bad tones? I have played just a few months so I have quite bad days - quite often still ... But I just would like to know how long has it taken to play better? Kath who is practising very hard
  14. Hi Pete! Welcome to discuss about violin playing. I am sure that you get good answers here. I am quite new violinist as well. I have played just a few months and I am 22 years old. I have played piano for several years and took singing lessons too. Welcome! Kath
  15. quote: Originally posted by Violina: Goodies Kath! That is just wonderful!! Now we are (at least) three in here, who like him: you , me and Fidla Have you heard him live? Yes, I have heard him live!! And in fact I am going to go listen his church concert today
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