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  1. Thanks for your advice everyone, no problem on the intonation The only problem now are those horrible tenths.... like Bb on the G string, and D on the D string played together.... Are there any "steps" to do so you can play those tenths? Reg
  2. Hello everyone! How'd you go about practicing Kreutzer - specifically Kreutzer 41 & 42? What do you do to fix up your double stops and chords? I've been doing slow practice on Kreutzer 41 and can't seem to get the hang of it. I know slow practice isn't enough... Help! I'm a student in need Regina [This message has been edited by DoggieLove (edited 10-08-2001).]
  3. I just heard it on TV 5 minutes ago! I was stunned -- shocked -- and then I cried! Up to now I'm crying! I still can't believe he's gone. [This message has been edited by DoggieLove (edited 09-23-2001).]
  4. I haven't taken Solfege up with a teacher yet, but my former violin teacher told me what they do in those classes. What I've found very helpful is singing scales (even just the one octave) with the piano every morning. I also hum different intervals. It's my everyday ear perk-up... =)
  5. quote: originally quoted by Theresa:<b>But I haven't been convinced at all that perfect pitch is a monumental asset...</b> It will come in handy when you read books on composition where you can sight-sing the notes or in practicing mentally Regina [This message has been edited by DoggieLove (edited 08-24-2001).]
  6. As we say in Filipino, "sige na, sige na" (Alright, alright). I'm a competitive spirit. For other competitive spirits out there who like to show off this was supposed to be your chance! But.... "sige na, sige na" forget the contest "na". Let's just have a big big big collection of Maestronet sound clips, and any comments (it's nice to get comments of your playing) could be e-mailed or posted on the website. lwl, I'm sorry, but I didn't see your Maestronet gallery post. If only I knew about that Maestronet gallery, I couldn't have made this thread. Then when I get good, I could submit a recording.
  7. Listen you guys, I know it's not as simple. That's why I said we could discuss the rules on this post - you know, different categories, different ages, etc. Reading HuangKaiVun's post up there - that's why I wanted this "contest" in the first place. I wanted to hear some of you guys play... That's all. No hostility intended.
  8. I'm not sure if everybody will like this, but do you think we could have a contest at Maestronet? WE could submit in soundclips, and the audience (people who won't submit in soundclips) could vote which one they like best =) I think it would be fun! We can make the rules here in this post, if you like... It'd also be okay if you think this is a stinky idea, I'm open! Just say it! Regina [This message has been edited by DoggieLove (edited 07-31-2001).]
  9. Obviously Vannessa Mae sells her body... she's hardly got music to sell...
  10. Hmmm.... I don't know... I just didn't like Hilary Hahn's Bach!! But anyway, that's how she would like to interpret it. I'm sure she's better in other pieces =) I found her Partita in E major (either the Gavotte en Rondeau or the Menuet I part) too smooth. I like more "consonants" (as Mr. Galamian calls them) in it. It was just too vowel like, for me. Did anyone else like her Bach? Regina [This message has been edited by DoggieLove (edited 07-31-2001).]
  11. Cakewalk Pro Audio is easy to use once you've gotten the hang of it =) But anyway, I suggest playing the notes on the violin and checking it on the piano.... it helps sightreading a lot. ---------------- Hope this helps! Regina
  12. I'm using a nice little composite bow right now, but it's pretty expensive ($1800) called the Spiccato bow by Benoit Rolland. You can adjust the flexibility of the stick (yes this feature DOES work!) by turning this and that.. just check out it's website at www.spiccato.com. BTW, I tried the Coda Conservatory and the Coda Aspire models and I didn't quite like them. They just "ate up" the sound (to me) and didn't project much... plus it sounded a wee bit metallic, not exactly the sound I want from my violin =) [This message has been edited by DoggieLove (edited 07-24-2001).]
  13. Too BAD I can't understand a word he's saying (my connection is a bit slow for that)... his words sounded like the cookie monster Regina
  14. I still have yet to hear her when she's coming to the PHilippines NEXT MONTH! (yay!) WITH CECILE LICAD! (YAY!!!) Meanwhile... I'll listen to a sound sample of her CD's at Amazon
  15. quote: originally quoted by me: All I know about French pronounciation is that the "ay" would come if you put that e with a "dash" tilting to the right on top ( é ). So the question now turns to: is Rode written as RODE or RODÉ? I looked at my cousin's French phrasebook for that one so I'm not quite sure about that thing I posted up there
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