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  1. I know, not all people manage to grasps concepts further than their easiest application, but please, just stop lecturing about things you clearly don't understand. And yes, the piano wire works as minimal surface problem. It really is pretty basic.
  2. See, the issue is, you don't get it. I did not mix it up, it is a piano wire, which is a body with too much volume to be represented by a catenary, but it can very well be represented by a catenoid. Elastica curve is a very brought term, maybe you mean the Euler solutions, I don't know, but they don't really work with that three fix point system, or better put, give wrong results here. So.... Just because three support points point towards a low order spline, it is not what would be used here. It is again, half knowledge.... A low order spline would not give the same level of resemblance. And that really is the point about this idea, it is of such high order, that it works with way too many shapes. Which, is not you Someone somewhere explained something to you without getting to a level of understanding and now you think you know enough about it to correct others, it is a bit facepalmy, though. Just like your statements about tensors, which showed a failed first semesters level of understanding a.k.a. someone explained it in a simplified way to you once. I don't need to pretend anything of that like, if I want to talk about physics though, it won't be with someone who asks to get an explanation about the harmonic series.
  3. That is something I can agree to.
  4. See, you found out all by yourself Accidentally used the German spelling.
  5. Because it is a katenoide, which needs a higher order polynome to be approximated correctly.
  6. That's basically spline fitting of a rather hight order with three support points. That works for almost all shapes that have some kind of flow to it.
  7. So I had the chance to play on one now. I have zero idea how consistent those violins are, so not necessarily generally applicable. The violin did respond very well, but for me, it was one of those instruments, which have a limited color range with my playing capabilities. You know, those violins that really quickly produce a loud tone, but seem to be maxed out already then. It was also a bit too much on the bright side for my taste. I think, with the medium micro mute I would like it in orchestra a lot, just because it is less straining to play, on the other hand ppp is probably a bit challenging in quick passages with the violin. I had two violins me to compare to, and I clearly prefer the ones I own and play. In general, I would call it a "modern" sound, as I feel a lot of violin makers now produce very loud and slightly bright violins with good response, but not too much color range. It makes them easier to play, but less nice to work with, IMHO. Not to get me wrong, it was a high level violin and very well made.
  8. The rule of thumb is, if the maker is not alive anymore and has no instrument on Tarisio, it will be hard to find documentation.
  9. To be fair, if the violin started biting, most would be too shocked to realize where it was made.
  10. This is a great example of the man in the moon, IMHO. I am pretty sure, I can build a couple of methods that somehow can be fitted towards the shape of Cremonese violins with fit parameters that actually look somehow natural. It's pure statistics, it would be very unlikely to not exist even for a rather artificial shape. Unless one does some statistics on it and shows the resemblance being relevant (similarity without equality is not that simple in math, actually), or finds old documentation about the method, I am very critical.
  11. I don't know when you looked at the shares the last time, but that must have been somewhere in the 70s. This absolutely does not reflect the ownership at all. Also, the export quota is usually between 70% to 80%, so the customer group does not reflect the country of origin either. I honestly think what you describe is just you and your surrounding people getting older. My children are also less suspicious than I am, that is just how it is. And I was talking about B2B, which, believe me, is a much harder market. There is a reason I pay an employee with a law degree full time only to read and validate contracts we make. My personal, completely anecdotal evidence is, that US and China based are the worst partners, followed by India, for different reasons. US based companies like to renegotiate after contracts started, Chinese partners just do what ever they want (one time we found our own pcb under a different brand name on aliexpress....) and in India they seem to have a strong us against them mentality, causing discrepancy between what we talk with management and what actually happens. Of course, purely anecdotal and I also have had great business partners in China and the US (India is not really our market). That is a very vast oversimplification. Most parts of machinery are able to be ip, only some repair laws in a few selected countries allow otherwise. As an anecdote: in the past I worked together with the Benz heir, a rather nice woman and reliable to work with. Her daughter also runs a business (completely unrelated to cars) that are our customers, and so far we had a really good relationship.
  12. I suggest to not conclude from a multi billion stock company how a countries society behaves. I work with companies all over the world, my sad experience is, that the most secure interactions are, where the jurisdiction is strong enough to enforce contracts and intellectual property / patents.
  13. In the last 30 years I bought maybe 30 violins and about the same amount of bows, never like that. One case was a bit different, where we made some contract and also a short term insurance contract, but that violin was worth more than half a mil. Even with serious intend to buy the violin, this still was no money I just had lying around to deposit. Another thing is, that I more than one time took more than one violin with me in the intent, to buy one of them, which the luthier also knew. Those deposits may burst my wallet quickly. I do understand when people are more careful about it, absolutely, but this is not how I experienced it and it would make things more complicated, possible make me skip on a trade.
  14. Looking at Tarisios selling history, they were not rare at any point, Id say. He also was active until he was very very old.
  15. Well, to have watched it in cinema when it came out, I am too young indeed. I watched it many years ago, for me it was as desirable as a $50 violin kit from China.
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