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  1. quote: Originally posted by illuminatus: I don't quite find this amusing. Huh? The Red Violin? NOT amusing? A guy having sex with a girl WHILE he is playing his violin? What could be more amusing than that?? You can't tell me you didn't burst out laughing when you saw that part. Well, I know I did, at least. Oh, and Cerulean, the old man in Amadeus is supposed to be Salieri.
  2. Thank you, everyone. I think I understand now.
  3. Whoops. Dammit. I hate how it's impossible to change a typo in a heading. Maybe I should just be more careful...
  4. If there is only one voice being heard on a recording, like the Bach Sonatas and Partitas, how could the same recording in mono and stereo be distinguished? I was under the impression that stereo was used to make certain voices louder in one channel, and other voices more prominent in the other channel. Is that right? Thank you for any responses.
  5. Sheesh. Everybody likes the Spring, I guess. That's my favorite too. Then, probably #1.
  6. quote: Originally posted by summer_breeze: i was thinking about the viola concerto in suzuki book 6 for viola i think. It is is B major B major? Helluva nasty key. 5 sharps. Phew.
  7. What!?!! HKV using a VIBRATO???!?
  8. I've tried the Infeld Red E, and it is goldplated, and it gives me this problem, but the Pirastro Oliv E, also gold, does not give me this problem. I like the Pirastro a lot better. It doesn't ring (on my violin), and its sound is more subdued, yet sweeter than the Infeld Red. I have only used both in medium gauge. Oh, and perhaps the reason for this is that I cannot get the little cushion thingie off the Pirastro string, while I always can, and do, on the Infeld. Well, that's about all I can contribute to the subject. [This message has been edited by Jascha (edited 03-17-2001).]
  9. Lydia, I just wanted to ask, will there be repeats of the violinists? That is, do you plan on using the same violinist for more than one piece?
  10. quote: Originally posted by Crushen: AP american history and AP calculus and chemistry and american lit work everynight err.. I know the feeling . . . AP American History, AP Calculus, AP English in my case.
  11. Wow. All I can say is, GO LYDIA! quote: Originally posted by lwl: 1. As I said on the "announcement" side of this post, I am tired of people claiming that all the moderns are not identifiable, and all the previous generation is. Now, people can put their money where their mouth is. I am *particularly* interested to hear what HKV thinks, given that he has made two claims which I think are very difficult to substantiate: that he can recognize the students of Auer, and that he can tell who has and hasn't done Kreutzer. At some point in time, dramatic assertions need to be substantiated. This, I think, is a very fair way of doing so. Sooner or later, if you keep making remarks that stretch credulity, somebody is going to call you on it. And make no mistake -- I *am* calling HKV on it. Afraid that your assertions are just hot air, HKV? You've already gotten plenty of hints on this thread -- shouldn't be that hard, now! If anyone is experiencing technical problems downloading the clips, please post here, or email me, and I'll be glad to help. (I absolutely don't mean to accuse HKV of cowardice if he's having technical issues getting the clips!)
  12. I thought the "t" stood for "tight".
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