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  1. Revenue in the Nuts market amounts to US$10.54bn in 2024. The market is expected to grow annually by 1.82% In 2023, the U.S. production value of broccoli for fresh and processing market amounted to approximately 1.07 billion U.S. dollars.
  2. Just occurred to me when I posted in another thread. What maker has the guts to go for it? The most boring brown fiddles are what people want today, only because they cannot get grey. A grey violin would be hailed as "stunning." A grey violin would match all the latest most boring decor. A grey violin would win competitions. Hahahahahaha (you know I'm right)
  3. Popsicle Orange was THE COLOR from mid 60s thru late 90s. It is what people wanted. I guess it matched the psychedlic interior decorations somehow. Look at interiors and cars from that period. Same thing. I would like to know what happened to all the beautiful yellow violins. Almost never see them any more. I always thought they were prettiest. Today everyone wants boring brown violins. The more boring brown, the better. If there were grey violins, they would be the top seller.
  4. Aston4

    ID Please??

    That screams China at me, but I actually have no idea. Maybe some chinese workshop let one of the workers go nuts.
  5. I can say with some authority that is a bow. Did you put teeth to the frog? Is it plastic or some sort of bone?
  6. $20 is maybe enough gas to get to the grocery store in a typical gihugemongo pickup for the average american. $20 is the new penny. That violin was free. $20 buys 1/3 of good violin G string. Enjoy! I still would like to see better pictures of the "splice."
  7. What I mean is, that for whatever reason, it sort of looks from that blurry picture that a small sliver of wood was slipped into a crack, and glued there. I am not sure "spliced" is the correct term. Better pictures clearly focused only on that area would help. Get the strings out of the way, they can make annoying and confusing reflections.
  8. Prelude is brighter and quicker. This will show you the max your fiddle can do. If you want to take the brightness and response down 20% each, then you can pay twice as much for the Helicore to do that.
  9. Aston4

    Paul Kaul

    What an interesting piece.
  10. Wow. It is going to take me a while to digest those shapes. Legend.
  11. In 2001. Once. Just before the Gurdy player met the untimely end (as gurdy players often do) I have never heard a real gurdy since. I wish I could remember exactly what it was like. I was entranced.
  12. Prelude G medium tension. $7 shipped. Dadarrio Kaplan dark rosin $8 shipped. Done. Thank me later.
  13. Thank you!!!! That is similar to my impression listening to the youtube videos, but it is so nice to have a real first hand impression. I'm mostly convinced most of the trend towards brighter instruments is because hearing loss is epidemic now. I've met TONS of teenagers with hearing worse than mine, even though I thoroughly trashed my hearing as best I could with guitar amps. But occasional blasting guitar amps are nothing compared to 24/7 Apple EarPods.
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