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  1. My wife inherited a violin from her grandfather that belonged to his father (born 1911). We don’t have much information on it. My wife’s grandfather thinks it might be from 1915 or 1920 but doesn’t actually know. He took it to a music shop where they did some some restoration on it. The label is on the case. Wasn’t able to find any labels on the violin. If anyone can provide information on the violin I would appreciate it.
  2. Does anyone have an opinion on the Klaus Mueller Etude from Southwest Strings? What about the Franz Hoffman Amadeus from Shar Music?
  3. Thanks for all the great responses so far! As requested, here are some photos of the violin my wife inherited. Inherited violin
  4. Howdy, My 8-year-old daughter is beginning violin lessons. I am looking for a decent 1/2 size violin for her to play until she is the appropriate size to play the violin my wife inherited from her great-grandfather. Until I know playing the violin is something my daughter will stick with long term, my budget for getting her a violin is $200. I have been looking at used violins on eBay and was hoping I could get some advice or suggestions. I am including some eBay listings I found that fit my price range but am open to just about anything. I would get any violin I purchase restringed. I am located in a major metro area in Texas, so also have access to several high-quality music stores. Lewis and Son 1/2 size violin (made in Germany) ER Pfretzschner Violin 1/2 with Bow and Case Doreli 1/2 Violin Model 79 Outfit Carved Spruce Top w/ Bow Case Student Beginner Becker 1/2 Size Violin with Hard Case Made in Romania NEEDS STRINGS Kaman 8183 Vintage 1966 Nagoya Suzuki 101RR Stradivarious Copy Violin 1/2 & Case As Is! I appreciate your responses.
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