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  1. correction on above typing error: studied piano for less than 5 years.
  2. mbsmith: I do not meet the definition of what you want as a person to attempt to answer your question. But I will give you an answer that you can disregard. I started the piano at the age of 12. Studied "playint" for less than 5 years. My teacher was an excellent performer, his teacher was Xzver Scharwenka who was considered the eqivalent of Paderewski. He taught me nothing about music. Played along with me for the hourly lesson, for which my father paid him. At the age of about 17 I started to teach piano. Had 15 students (got 50 cents from each) so I had my spending money, did not have to ask my father for spending money. After I became a New York Attorney and Certified Public Accountant I started to study music. Harmony, counterpoint, music composition. When I was past 80 years of age I started to play the violin, without a teacher. When a professional violinist evaluated my playing and told me that I was not holding either hand correctly I got a teacher. Studied with her for 4 years. Have written a few songs, a novellette and am working on a novel. I am 94.6 years of age. Not a great player of piano or violin. But I love music. Go to my web site: http://benjaminpodgor.com/music.html You will find lots of sheet music that is in the public domain, an explanation of what each instrument in the orchestra does. Ben Podgor
  3. Over time I acquired four violins. Two when I first started, without a teacher. Added one with the help of a teacher and just acquired what I consider a true professional violin, built around 1790. Since I am an amateur, I believe that two are enough. But how does one recover the investment on the two. All four of my violin have good tone. The first two only cost $ 300 each. I added pegheds to them, that cost me $ 150. each. When I got my last violin I had the pegheds of one of my first two transfered. Now I am left with two violins that I would like to sell. One having a 300 value and the other one 450. These violins are Romanian and one is 10 years old and the other 12 years. It was suggested I try E Bay. Craigs list. But I do not like either. Can anyone suggest a way to accomplish this, without getting involved in the business of selling violins. Ben
  4. Whoever did the study was not aware that if a player has a problem executing a trill with the fourth finger, all he has to do is move to a different position and execute the trill with other fingers. If you set up stupid problems, you will get stupid answers. A good player does not have to worry that he/she will have a problem. To become a good player, one has to practice. Ben
  5. I have 3 student grade violins. Have had PegHeads installed on all three. They have held up very well for the past few years. Just aquired my first what I call professional grade violin and am looking to get PegHeads put into them. I paid about 150 dollars each time. Have no regrets. The first two student violins only cost me 300. Yet to me, it was worth spending 150 to put in the pegs. When I watched the owner of a violin shop put a violin between his legs and struggle to move the peg I laughed to myself. Go to http://pegheds.com and you should see all the details. If you have any problem Google Peg Heads and see how it works. Ben
  6. That statement calls for an explanation. It does not make sense in and of itself. Ben Podgor
  7. I started the violin when I was passed my 80th birthday. Have been playing the piano for more than 75 years. Did make the mistake of starting without a teacher. When a professional violinist evaluated me, I was told that I was holding both hands incorrectly. Got a teacher, who had a tuff time with corrections. Am still playing, age 94. Who cares how well I play, I enjoy it, that is all that counts. I play about 250 simple pieces. Find that I can hear the song when I just look at the printed page. Could not do that before with over 75 years of piano. Have written some simple music, on sale at Barnes and Noble. Ben Podgor
  8. I take issue with this viewpoint. Would not give away anything. I would try to get to know every player and violin teacher so that they are aware of my existance. You do have to use every promotional effort available. The product should sell itself. Ben Podgor
  9. I forgot one very important point. How does your violin sound? Ben Podgor
  10. 1. Get a web site. 2. Name, address and telephone number on it. 3. Put as much information on it, with pictures. 4. Join every relavant makers organization. 5. Keep posting on maestronet, but with full disclosure about yourself. I am a retired New York State Attorney and CPA. If you have talent USE IT. Ben Podgor
  11. Yes, that was the link I lost and you found it. There is also more on that link if you enter wurlitzer into the search engine when you go to cincinnatilibrary.org I am not equiped to evaluate it, but this may lead to answer to original question. Ben Podgor
  12. I went back to google and is changed. It already has our discussion here as first. Originally when I first posted, I gave a very long detailed http, but when the post appeared it omitted most of the material. Sorry, I can no longer find the original data. It was a virtual library thing. Ben Podgor
  13. The post I just put in did not show the entire http address. There go to google and put wurlitzer 449 into it. Ben Podgor
  14. When I put wurlitzer 449 into Google, I got the following info: http://virtuallibrarycincinatilibrary.org/lib/18/287/R681_8029_fR17_1901.pdf There is a tremendous lot of data. But I do not know how to interpret this. It is entirely about Wurlitzer violins. Ben Podgor
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