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  1. I would like to use this Klemmsia clamp but it does not open anymore, it is stuck. Has anybody ideas how to open it? Force or clamping it in a vice to move it does not help. I am looking forward to your suggestions.
  2. Thank you. But repairs should be durable enough and to find the measure of what is enough requires a lot of experience and sensitivity. Thus, what do you think about strengthening a "shoe" (lengthening of the neck root, thus two endgrain parts) with screws as proposed by Weisshaar? (I decided already against it...)
  3. I would like to ask for your experience and opinions for the next step. The gaps of the crack are in my opinion too small to put any shavings so that I would fill it with coloured Scotchlite (=glassbubbles) in hide glue. I would thin down the patch bed to approximately 1 mm and fit a sound post patch with parallel grain lines to the front. (And yes, I made a plaster cast in beforehand). Do you think that it is safe enough or might it be better to cross grain lines (with an overlap of one grain line) because of a not very strongly glued soundpost crack (because of missing wood)? The (old) soundpost bed is very big (length 93 mm) and the crack not much longer.
  4. Thank you very much for all your advice. The crack is glued now with hopefully not too much resin left in the crack what is difficult to judge.
  5. I did that already. But with the Laponite mixture some of the goo came off. It did not dissolve but, as you mentioned, it came off because the boarder seems too losen. It looks like a resin (see picture). I think I will go on with water now because most of the resin came off.
  6. Yes, I have removed it. The crack is not filled from the inside, just the outside.
  7. Do you think that I can leave the Aceton-Lapnite-Water mixture over night or what would be an appropriate duration of letting it work?
  8. I tried that already for two days, also with Laponite overnight, but it did not work. But your construction using the capillary action is a good solution to soak cracks that are not easy to open.
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