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  1. Oh well, maybe the "experts" are stumped. My appraisal says it's from Northern Italy in the 1700's with a repair label in the 1800's. It's ugly for sure but it sounds amazing.
  2. I'm thinking the scroll is beech wood and the back and ribs are poplar. The top, spruce. Right now, it's in the hands of the luthier that works on the orchestra's stringed instruments. He told me he was really glad I bought the cello because of how it sounds and how it was made. He'll give me the full scoop when he's finished studying it. The maker on the label can't be read but the date is 1721. There is a repair label in the 1800's. There is also writing on the inside of the cello but I can't read it and I don't want my luthier to remove the top because it could end-up causing all sorts of problems for me.
  3. Thank you. I was hoping for more responses but I do appreciate you taking the time to look at it and offer me your opinion.
  4. I have no idea. I'm really at the mercy of the experts here. But I can tell you that it sings like no other cello I've ever played. It's not the prettiest, but it's well made.
  5. Richard4u

    Cello ID

    Hi. I'm looking for any insight anyone can give me on this cello. Thanks!
  6. So, I was on Facebook Market place and a lady had a violin for sale for $50. I messaged her and said she needs to have that violin looked at because it's worth a lot more. The appraisal came back at $3,000-$5000. Maybe I should have just bought it for the $50.
  7. No worries. I've done business with her in the past and I was 100% satisfied. The last time I looked, she had a cello that she ranked as "the easiest to play". You might want to see if she still has that.
  8. This cello has so much character! I would love to hear how it sounds.
  9. It's not Italian. Maybe good for kindling.
  10. Also, you have to have patience when varnishing. If you rush it because you're so excited to see your finished project, you'll just get frustrated.
  11. I'll believe it when I see it.
  12. The rental business for stringed instruments is a scam. The music store gets the cheapest instruments from overseas, then they have you pay each month until VIOLA!, money wise, you actually have purchased that horrible instrument with all of your rental fees. If you bring the instrument back, they just polish it and throw it back into the mix. For example, the cheapest "new" cello I can find on eBay is $162. So, if you pay just $18 per month in rental, when you return it to the music store you already paid for it. But you're not paying just $18 per month. You are probably paying double or maybe triple that amount in rental fees.
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