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  1. There are others here which are much better suited at assisting finding an appropriate violin with the info above. I am also an advanced hobbyist, though I also want to also learn how to make. Having upgraded a few times (though I always kept the old violin as i am sentimental), I found that if i had put more thought in initially and not rushed I could have saved on many of the intermediate levels, knowing my path was set. The way I look at it, is if there is a good chance you will need to upgrade in 5 years again, delaying your investment now would take a sizeable chunk out of the cost of a Burgess or Darnton -though need to balance with your immediate needs.
  2. Before embarking interstate you may wish to enquire into what some of the other posters are mentioning. My observations of previous posts, is try not to limit a purchase based on a manufacturers/luthiers provenance. Also I think the other thing the others are trying to hint at, is what is it you are after in a new instrument over your current one(find at fault) with your current instrument). What does it prohibit you from doing? Will you get this on an 8k aud violin? Can you wait and save for when your ideal instrument turns up (or put name down with an appropriate luthier). For the masters out there, I am quite keen to make sure I am summarising well and heading on the correct path of enquiry.
  3. Believe whitehorse is in Melbourne. Also owner will play violin and post to YouTube if interested in sound. He has a channel with past requests. Olafs and the Sydney string centre also have channels, the former is more informative and entertaining than sales (hence more relevant to me).
  4. If you are in Sydney, the north shore has a few close enough together (Sydney strings in chatswood, violinery in lindfield, the violin centre gordon, or Vivaldi's in epping). Pity, you are late by a few years as you could have got a new vatiliotis in that budget (2nd hand typically would likely be outside of your budget), which was my choice.
  5. Agreed, and appreciate your effort. I come from a background with regular extreme criticism, so I see only playful banter here -even if said from a position of power.
  6. As someone who is just starting out in the field, albeit as an amateur, I actually appreciate the directness of some members (and the wryness often helps keep my attention). It helps me direct my limited time to where it is best used.
  7. I have seen the movie, but also get occasional updates from the academic (he suggested I build my own, so have bought all the equipment-now I am reading all the topics). I have been meaning to get Alan's book for some time.
  8. Interesting, thanks Tim. I may be late to this party, but I know the retired academic quite well and I have no 670 (so article must have been written just after I got mine). Also I note numbers 666-669 were reserved for his family (as mine was meant to be 666). The friend kept encouraging me to get another, but by the time i put my name down it was too late. I will also point out on the flip side of australian business practice, said friend (also a builder) gave me my first violin as I couldn't afford one at the time (Harry has also been known to be quite generous).
  9. Have you thought of making your own lights with led modules (digikey lists many high lumen modules which are quite cheap, which should have the spectrum available)? Add a heat sink and psu, and extendable arm (so I can get the light in the direction I want for each project). I found this the best option when kitting out my father's workshop (though that was primarily for electronics and photonics), in terms of getting what you want for cost (about 5 years ago)? Biggest issue I found with traditional light bulbs was getting appropriate arms. Ocean optics used to provide a cheap spectrum analyser (may still do this) if you need to verify spectrum appropriateness (I have found many specs of lights and electronics parts to be incorrect).
  10. Hi Don (and Marty), Thanks for the response. Will try the mute test.
  11. Hi Michael, I am trying to find more articles that explain the affect you described. In particular I have a number of inexpensive violins (including two from modern Australian makers). When I play any of these by themselves, I don't mind the sound. However, I have observed after playing one particular instrument, the sound on the others become worse. E.g. they suddenly appear to sound unbearably nasal. A few days later (if I don't play said instrument) the others sound fine again. I have even comapree said violin to a genuine guadagnini (which had the same affect, but to a lesser extent). Is it that our ears, like taste buds, get saturated then only the strongest sounds come through (e.g. an apple tastes bland after eating chocolate)? Thanks in advance
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