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  1. Could someone tell me what is meant by „burning“ the dragon blood / alcohol mixture? Just really burn it (fire) or cooking it until all the alcohol vanished?
  2. This link doesn’t work for me but I‘ll find it!
  3. Thank you @nathan slobodkin I tried to find anything regarding the topic on MN before posting but I‘ll look for it again. Thank you @Davide Sora I think this is what I was looking for, it sounds relatively simple in theory but I guess I‘ll have to try over and over again as you said… Thank you!
  4. Dear members, I'd like to color my next violins alcohol varnish (no oil varnish indeed) with natural pigments instead of liquid anilin colors. But I could't find any instructions how to do that, so does someone have some guidance for me? I know the procedure with oil varnish on the glass plate but I guess this wouldn't work with alcohol varnish. So do you take some kind of egg. castor oil to mix the pigments with and mix this one with the varnish or how does it work? Thanks for any help!
  5. If I decide to buy it I will take that photo right after! Thanks for the crack info.
  6. The private seller wants to have 500€ for it. I think it might be a good price but I‘m uncertain about the crack…
  7. And could this crack be a problem?
  8. Thank you @martin swan, you mean deciding factor regarding the late 19th century or Bausch shop at all?
  9. Does anyone know anything about this bow? As an absolut non-expert I find it special in some way and would like to know more about it Thanks a lot!
  10. Thank you. I‘ll see!
  11. Thank you @jacobsaunders
  12. Dear masters, do you think this violin could really be made by Mathias Heinicke? The edgework seems to be somehow different in my opinion so I thought I‘d ask someone how might better know… Many thanks! I‘m sorry I do only have these photos.
  13. Den gebe ich gerne weiter
  14. @jacobsaundersmy mentor is Antonia Meyer but she is actually more a teacher than a master of mine as we are working together, I get lessons but I‘m not officially apprentice. @Mrneil2it sounds absolutely fantastic of corse No, seriously I‘m very happy about the sound but there are better sounding instruments. I‘ll see if I can upload a file.
  15. I‘ll try oil varnish soon but for now I want to use my alcohol varnish for the next violin. I‘m working on a gallery above our sleeping room and don’t want to install an UV-cabinet because of the gases. So I‘m using the alcohol varnish on the balcony and that’s it
  16. @Filippo Sciarra I found this tutorial very (!) useful! It’s available online and PDF for free. www.makingtheviolin.com Best Pascal
  17. Thank you @Davide Sora. It‘s not at least your videos that have contributed to this! The greenish brown might be the ammonia I treated the ground with. I wouldn’t do it again as it’s very aggressive anyway… Next time I‘ll try to color my alcohol varnish with natural pigments instead of anilin colors… Even if I don’t know how to handle this yet (my master only knows how to color oil varnish with pigments) but I‘ll get there.
  18. Thank you @David Burgess, I'll keep that in mind as I'm arching the top plate of my third violin right know! But at least my master was very after checking there where no real plateaus in the longitudinal and vertical dimension. But I'll try to built an even more tensed top! @GoPracticeWell I can assure you it's mine, I could go into detailed documentation photos, but this must be it for now. Unfortunately I think I'm not gonna sell this one. Best from Munich Pascal
  19. Thank you all, I‘m happy you like it. Thanks @Don Noon I will try to get some more information about this!
  20. This is actually my first violin if anyone wants to comment on, feel free, I‘m happy about feedback. I know the model’s upper bouts are very big and the peg holes are displaced…
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