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  1. Could someone tell me what is meant by „burning“ the dragon blood / alcohol mixture? Just really burn it (fire) or cooking it until all the alcohol vanished?
  2. This link doesn’t work for me but I‘ll find it!
  3. Thank you @nathan slobodkin I tried to find anything regarding the topic on MN before posting but I‘ll look for it again. Thank you @Davide Sora I think this is what I was looking for, it sounds relatively simple in theory but I guess I‘ll have to try over and over again as you said… Thank you!
  4. Dear members, I'd like to color my next violins alcohol varnish (no oil varnish indeed) with natural pigments instead of liquid anilin colors. But I could't find any instructions how to do that, so does someone have some guidance for me? I know the procedure with oil varnish on the glass plate but I guess this wouldn't work with alcohol varnish. So do you take some kind of egg. castor oil to mix the pigments with and mix this one with the varnish or how does it work? Thanks for any help!
  5. If I decide to buy it I will take that photo right after! Thanks for the crack info.
  6. The private seller wants to have 500€ for it. I think it might be a good price but I‘m uncertain about the crack…
  7. And could this crack be a problem?
  8. Thank you @martin swan, you mean deciding factor regarding the late 19th century or Bausch shop at all?
  9. Does anyone know anything about this bow? As an absolut non-expert I find it special in some way and would like to know more about it Thanks a lot!
  10. Thank you. I‘ll see!
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