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  1. Hi, do you know until when the violin was signed as 'Schwarzmeisel'? I have a violin labeled 'Schwarzmeisel', supposedly from the '30s or '40s, 20th Century.
  2. Hi, you have written a very interesting observation... '...The large number of badly done repairs, may make it seem it has been with us for a longer time, but that is not the case.' How to understand? Are you talking about the 18th century or the 19th?
  3. That's what I meant. These violins are not so old that moisture and other conditions will cause the ribs to contract. In my case, it was only a different stress arrangement that caused the ribs to deflect laterally - outwards and the bottom of the ribs, at the bottom block, inwards. So I thought that if I squeeze the ribs on the sides, the back would be pushed out, then I would start sticking together.
  4. Of course, but for a seasoned professional (like you) :). What do you think, that the sides of the lower ribs (near the upper plate) should be slightly pressed - with a carpentry clamp, and the ribs in the area of the bottom bloc, pulled back and locked with a pin (it was inserted there earlier, so it is a good indicator of how the belly fits to the ribs).
  5. Does this happen to you when you take your belly off (e.g. for repair)? ... take off the belly, fix it for some time (sometimes 2-3 days) ... put the belly on the ribs, and here's a surprise. Belly sticks out a lot behind the lower ribs (in my case, 3-4 mm) more, because ... the lower ribs parted to the sides, and in the area ofe button, they leaned inward. Of course, the profile of the ribs glued to the back plate remained the same.
  6. Thank you very much ...logical ...and my idea is to take the easy way. Of course I will do as you advise
  7. This is not opportunism, but a follow-up question I separated the neck from the body very nicely. ... Karate Kid The socket and heel of the neck look perfect. When I put on the neck, the varnish that remains on the heel of the neck and the one on the ends of the ribs fit together perfectly. This varnish shows that the neck fits perfectly in the socket. After taking off my belly, on your advice, I drank off the glue and any tiny remains of wood fibers. Thus, I got rid of the traces of gluing, which makes it difficult for me (I am inexperienced) to glue again when folding back. Isn't it the case that if I put the neck in first, I will have a better positioning of my belly? Can I use skin glue in tiles to glue the neck and belly?
  8. As far as I know, when you build a violin from scratch, the whole box sticks together, and then you make a socket for the neck and stick it in. When repairing an already existing violin, can I (should) glue the neck first and then the belly? From my point of view, it would be advisable and more convenient. Second question... What is the difference between skin glue: - plain (granules) - canned (granules) - in tiles Which will be the best? - IYO
  9. I wonder when did you lose your empathy? How can you, after reading stories about grandparents and grandmothers, write back in two words, one of which is 'rubbish'
  10. the clown squared (I am indeed talking about myself)
  11. Michael, I don't know that term, can you explain to me?
  12. I don't know why, but I was sure you would answer my post :), thank you
  13. A colleague from Germany asked for some information about this instrument? He wants to sell and has no idea about the value of this cello ... Will you help?
  14. Your answer is "championship". If you answered like that to my FIRST post, it would not be ten unnecessary on the other side, what would happen with a Spongebob Physics bachelor's degree The only sensible test is an acoustic test with old blocks and new ones ... Otherwise, it's a theory
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