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  1. by the way, the lyrics are brilliant!
  2. what does IMO mean? :/ I don't know all the abbreviations yet
  3. Exactly ! I'll finish what I can with the bodysuit and start reading and watching movies. One thing is the correct setting and pasting, but I'm afraid to break off the button the basics are there, the rest are on MN http://www.makingtheviolin.com/Fitting the neck
  4. Soaking Cleaning glue and spruce remnants Soaking a piece of spruce from the top, compressing the ribs so that they do not come off Sticking a piece of spruce to the top plate Cleaning and planning the edges of the ribs (wide nail file) I know, work done ...on 40% of the possibilities In the meantime I was filleting a trout for dinner
  5. I have read the rest of the comments and understand ... irony :/
  6. Got it, thank you. I wrote before, I wanted to learn to take it off. : / As you can see in the comments, I got some valuable advice.
  7. 100% right. Thank you. At times it was risky - just because of the too sharp angle. I know it's not very good. First of all, I tried to make sure that the plate did not break along the first time.
  8. I cleaned the interior of dirt and residual glue. I glued the protruding stratified spruces together. No longitudinal cracks. The bass beam was whole, slightly peeling (a large scratch was sticking out, I stuck it together). I did not use sandpaper.
  9. I guess, that this place is not supposed to be get wet? I leave it as it is?
  10. Thanks for the advice My friends have a business, they make and trade flavored Greek olive oil and goat and sheep cheese
  11. Hi, to my friends... Before you'll start yelling at me, check out the first few photos. This violin is 'very bad' Franz Hell! Rather not export version to the US and BOB (correct me if I'm wrong). The most important ... the neck is askew glued in, and besides, it twists along its entire length ... especially around the snail. Another thing is that they cost 3 times less than the 'white' Chinese violin ones. I decided to use them to gain my first experience in removing the plate and other repairing. I could have removed the neck itself, but I also decided to get some practice in unsticking the plate. I believe that I have succeeded. Zero cracks By the way, check out my cheese knives ... they did the job perfectly. Maybe some comments?
  12. It's almost like a Stradi neck reset Much health !
  13. That's why, always picking up my violin, I have white, museum gloves ... seriously.
  14. Following this path of thinking (it seems very logical), we should think about prophylactic removal (for a short period of time), e.g. of the top plate? Probably most (maybe all) of the most valuable antique violins had removable ones - even for the purpose of repairing or modernizing their measure.
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