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  1. I didn't notice that "head" of the scroll got cutoff until you mentioned it. Does it happen often - I read neck replacement happens, but only the scroll? Ok. No white glue. Thank you.
  2. Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. I especially appreciate sharing your thought process to getting there. I guess to the expert here, it is as obvious as Pythagorean Theorem for college educated person but I am still in algebra. I did some googling and found below for regular cello building technique which is pretty informative. but haven't found the "build on the back" exactly, but I can visualize it somewhat . https://www.bluefiddles.com/category/cello-build-tutorial/page/4/ The cello actually sounds great to my uneducated ear - I am comparing with Eastman Step-up cellos. Since you said it doesn't worth much, I'd probably try to white glue (close up the wound if you will) myself following this youtube video. I did get two old Pernambuco bows with it, one of which is "Heinrich Stadlmair" so I feel I get my money's worth from this purchase.
  3. I got this cello from the family of a cellist who played at a well-known symphony in the Northeast. I was told that it is used mainly in pit orchestra work so it's not the main instrument. But that's all I can get. Would love to know a little bit more about it like where it is likely made and roughly when. It is pretty banged up but has a lot of charm. The scroll I think is twisted, i.e. looking directly at it (like the first photo, I can see the right-hand side of the peg box. the neck warped? I only know bow can warp, never seen this. The label I think is: Modele d'apres Joannes Franciscus Celoniatus fecit Taurini Anno 1734. The word is from googling, but both are for violin not cello. here: https://www.sothebys.com/en/auctions/ecatalogue/2005/musical-instruments-l05251/lot.211.html and here: https://www.wildgoatfiddles.com/654 Thanks.
  4. Understood. Thanks for the advice.
  5. amat

    A German Bow

    I got this violin with broken neck two summers ago in the thickness of the pandemic and wanted to find some hobby that uses my hands more. This is actually what started my interest in violin, hence MN. It also have 2 bows fast forward to this spring, I never have done anything with it but I need to go to a luthier to setup a cello so I brought the violin bows along. I was told the bows are actually good so I went ahead and have it full restored. It’s 60g I think I was told. It has a Germany mark in the third picture behind the frog. I would appreciate if someone can shed some light on it. It also has a “made in France” bow which is in worse shape but very straight. I was told I can restore it too. I have included the French bow and violin at the end to give some context in case it helps identifying. (note the hair on the cushion is my dogs’ we can never get it fully cleaned up)
  6. I was going to reply but wasn’t able to because I was over the daily post limit as a newbie. Does this look better in terms of camera angle? I do notice the inside edge of the f hole on the E side is noticeably higher than the outside edge ie the G side f hole is flat on while the E side is not even. I thought it has something to do with the sound post - it feel like it’s “propping” up the inside edge. Is it a normal situation?
  7. Thank you both. My dear daughter (I think I see more girls play violin than boys these days, and the opposite for cello as my son plays the Cello and I see the cello crowd quite often) has a $2000 3/4 Camillo Callegari violin. The only reason I mentioned the price is that I don't play violin so I can't tell the quality of sound, price is an indication of sound quality somehow. The Camillo Callegari I believe falls under the "Chinese options in the $1000-$2000 range". So this would be a step up both in size and sound quality once it is setup correctly? As for dates, the old lady who sold it to me said it belongs to his grandfather who would've been 125 years old. That's how she thinks the violin is more than 100 years old. I promised that once I set it up for my daughter, i'll send her pictures of it. I always enjoyed reading the threads to learn something about violin and the helpfulness of the expert here is much appreciated. Thanks again.
  8. I just got this violin, supposed to be 100+ years old, unfortunately there's no tag inside. It's in very good condition, even come with an old case in excellent condition. I am contemplating to have it setup by a luthier and use by a 13 year old whose growing out 3/4. Not sure if it is worth the effort. It doesn't have bridge of tailpiece or string. As is, it weighs 15.03 oz (I was told a light violin is a good sign for a nice sounding violin). Thanks.
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