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  1. Thanks for the advice, guys. I like gear and I am also collecting drums, so that is a part of me. I usually spend more time on gear than playing - I understand that other folks prefer otherwise. I vaguely know the sounds I am looking for (for example a good 20s Roth). If every now and then something else of interest comes along the way (like this violin here), thats fine. I could not say I lost time here, rather I learnt a lot about the craft and could improve my search metrics. I have no professional aspirations in playing or making money with selling violins or so, I also don't plan to buy 300 trade or dodgy bohemian fiddles now hoping for goId. The used violin market is very difficult and tiring to me, but that doesn't make me want to spend ten times the amount of what I paid for my gear at a pro dealer. I am very fussy with sound and find many modern instruments harsh in tone. Luckily, most of my buys were alright, but that's because I do the research or can return, in cases where I cannot judge. Sorry for my rambling.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Double-checked with a local luthier today (Berlin area) and will return the violin. Luthier thinks it's an alright fiddle but that I could do better financially with another fiddle given the condition. Like many other people I am looking for a true steal. He couldn't say for sure if it is a fake, finish is a cheaper spirit varnish but not super bad either. Could have been glued without removing the top, but the there is still the loss in value. That just to close the case.
  3. Thanks, & sorry for my mistake, that analysis seems to be spot on already. What a pity, though.
  4. Hi guys, I am just trying to upgrade from advanced to pro violins (of at least orchestra quality) and bought this violin, which I still can return. Unfortunately, the seller was not truthful about the condition and the violin has at least a small crack right to the tailpiece and the middle seam underneath is opening along the tailpiece. The violin has a label, but it is not dated, signed, stamped, what would be unusual for this luthier, although, he kept changing his way of stamping and so on throughout the decades, as it seems. I would like to find out now, 1) how the damages affect the value (in repaired and unrepaired (or just glued as a quick fix) condition - i.e. percentage. 2) What you think about the craftmanship 3) If this could be a fine German master violin from around the middle of the 20th century or if there are any red flags I missed pointing towards China/eastern Europe or the likes. It would be really helpful to have your opinion to make an informed decision, whether I want to keep that violin. From the playing signs and dirt I would say it certainly is a couple of decades old. My regional luthiers are normally not really helpful with identifying or ascribing values to gear (also post-repair). disclaimer: I posted this case on another forum before but the feedback was not super helpful. Back length is ca. 36cm and weight with chin rest 470g, amber/golden oil finish, genuine wood flame/not painted - could be poplar/pioppo pazzo?, looks like a Maggini interpretation to me. Thank you for your help!
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