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  1. That's fine with me reg, don't worry about the question. Different people have different points of view on the pricing. With my very recent violin hunting experience, I found that the pricing is also affected by supply and demand. I mean the timing, just like the housing market. At the moment, all the music activities have been restarted after two years of lockdown. I had a feeling that everyone is upgrading the instrument at the moment as the violin stock at all our local string shops are extremely low, especially the antique violins. So I think the pricing for old violins currently in my area would be a lot higher. But again, all my thoughts were based on my limited experience.
  2. It's in the advanced student violin price range.
  3. We bought the violin. My daughter is super happy as this is the violin she can connect with after trying many old and new violins in our budget. Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated.
  4. Oh, yes I do. I should make a statement in the first post.
  5. Thanks for your opinion! Another issue of this violin I just found out today was the violin is a bit uneven. The right side is a bit higher than the left side. Please see the photo. Is that a concern?
  6. Thanks a lot for your reply!
  7. I am considering to buy this violin from our local shop for my daughter. She really likes the sound and it fits in our budget. There is not much background information of this violin. The shop owner said it's from Germany and probably around 1840s. The label inside says "antonius gagliano filius nicolai fecit neap 1789". The length of this violin is 349mm. The shop owner said it's a small 4/4. My daughter plays 4/4 violin now and she said this violin is easy to play, maybe a small 4/4 fits her better? I am curious to know your opinion about this violin. Thanks.
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