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  1. Hi ! I remember some years ago at a violin fair, I got across a large book that contained a comprehensive list of violin makers, including French ones. does any of you have access to such book ? I am looking for a violin named after a violin maker called perhaps "Piroil" or "Piruoil". Thanks !
  2. Hi ! I would be happy to be instructed, the "usual" means "violin of no value" ? Many thanks !
  3. that means that on cheaper violins the pegbox and neck are made of a unique piece of wood, correct ?
  4. sorry for the ignorance: can you show me the difference between a real and a fake peg box ? many thanks !
  5. and here is the link to the auction. The back of the violin I actually like it... not sure why the black lines that follow the curves on top are so fainted. https://www.ricardo.ch/de/a/geige-antik-1206052622/
  6. Hi All and thanks for your kind answers ! @Violadamore thanks for pointing me towards the good rules for posting on this forum. I indeed found rather strange that a violin maker would run the back of a violin this way; I thought it might be to mark the violin for a school or something like that. Here is the link to the auction, which seems to surprisingly have quite some people wanting it. I am not sure it's such an easy re-sell, so some may be attracted by the black cross, weird. By the way, is there any reason why one can post only twice a day ? https://www.ricardo.ch/de/a/geige-amatokoffer-1207722140/
  7. Edited: I have seen this violin on the internet and I would be glad to hear your comments based on this only picture that I have got. Many thanks !!
  8. Hi ! Does anybody know what this black cross could mean on this violin ? Many thanks
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