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  1. Thank you everyone for all the helpful response, really appreciated. Now I could explain it to my son it was intentional and is just a style of a varnishing technique ^^
  2. Thank you everyone for all the expert advices. Deeply appreciated. This violin was built and completed in 2021, so is very new. After reading all the expert's suggestions so far, now it made me think, this could be intentional as part of antiquing or some sort of old Italian varnishing style technique ^^. If someone does not like the black patch, is there a way it could be polish off without damaging the violin's original varnish or the Top plate? What product should I use or it is not possible as the black patch is now part of the violin forever ^^ Thank you everyone
  3. Thank you Matesic, Strad O Various Jr and David Burgess for the information. Really appreciated.
  4. Hi Everyone, How are you all? Could I please get some expert suggestions on this and I will be very appreciated ^^. I have recently received a violin and found just under the fingerboard, there is a big black patch of some sort of ink or dye stained on the varnish of the violin( Please see photos attached below). I am not a violin Luthier and the nearest violin luthier is like hours away. Could any expert here can kindly give me any suggestions if that " black patch " could be remove or it is just is waste of time to find a violin luthier and eventually find out is not possible. Deeply appreciated and thank you everyone Sincerely Adam.
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