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  1. Thanks for your advice. This shop happens to have a large quantity of fine violins and are one of the most reputable dealers of fine bows (sartories and voirins) in this part of the world. Even the Rin collection goes to them to get their violins fixed so i never doubted their credibility. It is a pity that it may not be a german bow as they claim, as it plays very well in my opinion. I will try to negotiate with them when i return but i doubt that their claims are untrue as they have decades of experience in the violin dealing field. Apart from that, i have also tried a number of antique bows from the H. R. Pfretzschner workshop and were quite satisfied with them, even though it didnt suit me as well. Should i still be considering getting this anonymous bow? P.s. my mind slipped while writing the original post. I mean french bows. I had the priveledge of trying out a few sartories but the dealer didnt accept kidneys as a form of payment
  2. I recently went bow shopping and i have found a german bow that fit me perfectly (it felt like an extention of my hand) and was a delight to play especially for string crossings and techniques like sautille and spiccato could be executed effortlessly. Its sound was kinda meh compared to some fine french sticks that i have tried but it is not too bad either However, it is an older bow from the 1920s and was from a german workshop, and costs around 2400 freedom eagles. I was just wondering if the asking price from the dealer is justified, given its age and provenance. Can any of the experts give advice on the quality of the pernambuco and perhaps even shed some light on the particular workshop it was made in? Should there be any special care and attention given to older bows? Attatched is the picture of the bow in question. The stamp on the bow simply reads "TOURTE". The bow happens to be 55.7g and a bit tip heavy from what the sticker says Sorry for my ignorance, i know next to nothing about bows.
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