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  1. I have recently bought a Apparent Luther E. Arneson violin at a estate sale and can’t find much on the maker besides a mention on a thread here and a sale listing for a 1939 Arneson for $6000 and would like to know as much as I can about him.what I should value mine at and who has interest in violins by this maker. Any help is Appreciated I’m trying to resell to buy tools for repair and making of my own and I have to say this is a very fine instrument.
  2. Hello, I bought a 1932 Arneson the other day at a estate sale looks legit very dusty very much looks like it was stored in a attic since the 40s a few scuffs not even a dent but is completely leather skinned. I know people love these but I don’t know where to even look to sell it. I can hardly even find anything about the maker except a listing for one at fine fretted strings in California for$6000 and this thread any information would be helpful I suppose he was from Washington?
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