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  1. Hi, Would anyone be able to recommend an independent luthier operating in NYC? I find these High-Street stores quite frustrating to work with, due to lack of flexibility requiring to schedule at times weeks in advance and also lack of personal attention. I would love to be able to engage with an expert face to face and discuss some repairs on an nice violin. No qualifications needed, just an old school knowledgeable luthier who won't dismiss me. I hope my approach doesn't get me scolded Thanks in advance!
  2. If anyone has the email for Thomas Wöernle of the Mittenwald violin making school - descendant of the revered Georgius Wöernle who crafted violins in Mittenwald circa 1760's, I'd very much appreciate if you could let me know. Many thanks.
  3. Oh, interesting. I'll try reach out to him. Thank you.
  4. Yes, you are most certainly correct. That will help me head in the right direction in terms of research. I'll further inspect the paperwork to double check how it was actually spelled.
  5. Hi, I am researching a violin (authenticated in 1973) having been made by a "Georgius Wöernle" in the 1760's. He was apparently of German origin and a contemporary of Matthias I Klotz (1656–1743). Does anyone know who this is or where I mind be able to find any resources about him? Many thanks.
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