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  1. Yeah it is really sad. In my condition, it is difficult to trust any sellers. The price are not even crazy cheap, it is quite standard. The only way for me to get genuine product for sure is to buy from US or Europe but again, the shipping cost and customs tax make it not worth it. I guess right now it's not about me avoiding those counterfeit products, I just want to answer my curiosity about the genuinity my strings and rosin. It is! I think one of the easiest way to identify a counterfeit is through spell check. My strings are indeed suspicious. But for my rosin, it is a bit complicated. Today I found another image for the rosin I never seen before: (source: paganino.com) This is different from my rosin and the image in Pirastro website. So this makes me even wonder more, is my rosin actually genuine just in different packaging? If anyone know something Pirastro rosins' packaging (their changes), please share it here. I would really appreciate that.
  2. My Oliv-Evah (the suspect) has "Handcrafted Quality" writing while my Schwarz (as comparison) and images from the internet has "Handmade in Germany". The color itself seems a bit off. Mine has dark green color while the image you share has green-brownish color. The rosin itself has the same color as the image you share. The right one (my Tonica, the suspect) has various spelling errors such as: "sush", "favorit", "jucy", and "Ecah". There are also various capitalization and spacing error, unlike the left one (my Chromcor, as comparison). I have emailed them but they have not replied yet. I will try contacting them via social media.
  3. Hello again, since I am a new member, I can only post 2 times a day. Thank you so much for the suggestions. But as Strad said, I am not from US. I am from Southeast Asia. I agree. There should be a code or something that could be used to verify the product genuinity. I once came across a string brand from China that has that verification code. The name is Alice, quite decent strings actually. This seems to be a great idea. Below are the images. Please note the Oliv-Evah and Tonica are the suspect, the Schwarz and Chromcor serve as a comparison. These are the rosin. The difference in writing is shown. The rosin color and shape is fine though. The Schwarz rosin looks the same with the examples on the internet. Those two are the packaging of the strings. Looks fine to me. But: This is the difference. I misremembered in the first post that Tonica strings has the weaker print but I got it backwards! Still, the spelling error is obvious. (Left: Chromcor; Right: Tonica)
  4. Thank you so much guys for the reply. I don't buy it from Amazon or eBay because even both of them are hardly accessible to me. Shar does seems interesting but same as Amazon and eBay, I am afraid the shipping cost and customs tax will be too much for me. I bought them from a luthier, quite reputable in my area actually. But it seems all luthiers and music store I know in my area sell rosin with that same kind of inconsistency as I described above. So the different writing on my rosin seems consistent in multiple stores in my area. Those are even the reputable ones in my area. Despite of my concerns in my first post, I do think my strings and rosin are quite good and do their job. I am just afraid that I am missing out that the real thing (assuming mine are counterfeits) do their job even much better. I am sorry if this reply seems like I don't want to follow your advice. I do agree with you but it seems in my condition, it is hardly possible. It would be great if anyone could give me the tips to spot the counterfeit myself or share their own story about their encounter with counterfeit products.
  5. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I have 2 Pirastro rosins, Schwarz and Oliv-Evah. I also have Tonica and Chromcor strings. I currently use Tonica and Oliv-Evah. However, I am a bit suspicious about those two, because there are some differences that are visible: My Oliv-Evah has a writing "Handcrafted Quality" instead of usual "Handmade in Germany" in the internet images. My Schwarz rosin has "Handmade in Germany" writing. My Tonica strings is fine in the outside packaging, but the strings holder (one made of paper with hole in the middle) has a very faint print and some typos. The color winding near the ball is correct, red and white. My Chromcor strings has a stronger print and no typos in the strings holder. Is there a chance that both of my rosin and strings are counterfeit? Or is it just an outdated genuine packaging? (especially for the rosin. There are no typos there) I do have plan to change my rosin in the future to Bernardel or Cecilia. How do I spot a counterfeit in those two?
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