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  1. I agree! But only being able to play forte and one contact point is difficult to answer. It's like buying a horse to compete in 3 day trials only to find he horse won't jump bars or goes crazy on grass (I've seen both cases). I tried a Goldbrokat e string. It didn't cure the wolf, but, dear me! it sounds fantastic on my violin! I'm using obligatos with a kaplan wound e at the moment. I'm going to try the pegbox trick next. This experience is also encouraging me to listen more attentively which is also good. As long as I don't play Elgar, the wolf doesn't really bother me-just upsets my head!
  2. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I'm going to try changing strings first.
  3. Thank you for taking the time to reply. You're right, I am a little OCD and the state of the violin after the first attempt nearly broke me! Is it just hit and miss to find the right weight? 2*85euros plus tax now we're out of the EU is a bit frightening. I have noted the supplier though. I think I'd better start with changing strings and move on to more expensive options as necessary. Thank you, once again.
  4. I bought a 1923 Aristide Cavalli violin in haste, last year, for my retirement. It was/is well above my playing ability. It has, however, motivated me to improve and now at least I can produce a nice warm even tone. However, whilst trying to play Elgar’s Chanson de Nuit I recently discovered a wolf C note on the G string. I had one Luthier look at it. He cured the wolf note on the G string by moving the Sound Post but then put it on every other C on all four strings. The violin also took on a very, very thick velvety, muffled tone. Another Luthier put it back to what it was before, more or less. Now, there’s only one exact contact point that plays the C on the G string without the wolf tone and it’s not near the bridge as my teacher insists it should be. The Luthier says the Bass bar is weak (the wood on the f-hole under the G string is sunken slightly). He also noted that the Bridge sits over the Bass bar by 2mm. If I have a narrower bridge fitted, could that cure the wolf note? He said it might, but didn't know. A paper clip on the bridge next to the G string does the trick too, but spoils the sound not to mention the aesthetics of it. I don’t know anyone called Phil so I won’t be performing or anything but I would like my pride and joy to sound as good as it can. I can’t change it because it took all my savings.
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