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  1. Thanks very much for all your informative replies! This has been really interesting. Is there anything from the pictures that would suggest it would have poor or bad sound? There is a violin shop in my city I plan to take it to in order to have it properly checked and repaired as needed. I’m hoping they might be able to give me more information as well, but it will be a while from now.
  2. Hello everyone, I recently acquired a violin from a flea market. It has no date or a makers label, simply country of origin and “copy of Stradivarius”. There’s a few features of interest, including what looks to be a stamp or brush mark that looks like an “i” or j visible from the front, opposite of the label. The back of the violin also seems to have some amount of wood affected by worms, though it may be deformities of the varnish. Any thoughts about origin date or possible maker would be much appreciated
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