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  1. I don't really trust my ear with respect to the core tone of violins, but I'd decribe the sound as rather nasal but round enough, which is what I had been looking for, with a surprisingly full lower register. It's like many violins of middling playing characteristics in that, as one member of MN wrote once, "it has a nice sound but it's always there; I can't get rid of it." Other violins obtain differences of tone color with much greater ease. I made the mistake of not playing much of anything quiet while violin shopping, so I didn't notice its deficiencies at first. Other players ask what it is because they think it sounds nice but I don't trust their ears for core instrument tone, either. Yeah, the outline does make me self-conscious. It's about 360mm LOB, upper only 153mm (with a bendy ruler over the arch), lower 200mm. On the other hand the idiosyncrasy does also constantly make me chuckle, mostly about the connotations of the phrase 'interesting violin.' If I receive a recording of a recent performance of mine I'll link or upload. I don't own good recording equipment myself.
  2. Maybe I'm projecting something or other but I see so much focus and grit in that lady's expression. Do you know if she was a good player?
  3. Thanks for your responses. I imagine the off-center notch might be more of a self-defense notch than a Vogtland notch then. Looks about right for parrying an enraged cymbalist. I'll have to experiment with this more in orchestra. Composite would explain some things. I hadn't thought of that! I'm aware this style of fluting isn't necessarily tasteful but honestly I kind of like it on an weird violin like this.
  4. Sorry, the camera on my device and my photography skills are both abysmal, but as it were...
  5. Hello, I've been lurking for a couple years now since starting to play again (and also therefore having gone violin shopping). I've enjoyed the forum and am grateful for the generosity of its resident experts with their time. After a few months of playing VSOs that my friends gave me, I found something I liked, a violin labelled Chardon et Fils 1923, but which in my rather hazy judgement appears far more as if it were made somewhere in Germany. I assumed the instrument was built on the back because of the lack of overhang on the rib corners, but my luthier found very nice mortised corner blocks and rib mitres when the top plate was removed for repairs. (There's actually almost no overhang left anywhere on the top plate, which may lend some credence to the ascribed date, even if the violin doesn't have anything to do with Paris). Two features of this violin continue to perplex me: flat fluting on both the scroll and the wings, and a upper bout so narrow as to appear obviously non-standard and probably considerably decrease the saleability of the instrument. (I didn't care about these features when I bought it, as I was simply picking up one violin after another and trying not to consider the appearance of the instruments at all.) It does seem to have been antiqued when made. However it also does show a good deal of actual player wear. The neck is very asymmetrical, which amuses me because it's actually very comfortable that way. Anyway, the thing that confuses me the most is that there is a Vogtland notch but also rib mitres. As I am a new member, I will post photos as soon as I am allowed. (I should probably also first send a note to my luthier to ask if I can post his interior photos). Any insights are greatly appreciated.
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