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  1. In my opinion, it is not even a good copy.
  2. No, there is nothing written in the text and I did not see any sign of a long crack on the head.
  3. Thank you Martin, but I am still confused why do they have the pin, because on the condition report the crack is not at the tip( but the pins are), why are they having two pins on the unbroken part of the bow
  4. It seems like there was a crack at a bad place. I did not expect to see two pins when I bought it from an auction. Is this a bad repair? Or is it appropriate? What can be done on this bow, and how will such a damage&repair influence the playability/value? This is a bow by W.E Hill&Sons, William G Johnson.
  5. I found an interesting mark on the bottom of my violin, anyone knows what that possibly means? This violin obviously has thewrong label, it can't be Italian and I think it's some late 19c german. Experts, please provide some information about this violin, I'm very interested.
  6. Thank you for the information, I've found another interesting thing on the Pfretzschner bow, there's this XXI marking on the inside of the frog. Does that tell anything about when this bow is made? or is that just a random thing?
  7. Any idea about who might be the maker of this bow? I didn't find any information on internet about the A marking, usually on Hill bows it should be a number. The tip maybe has no mark? I can't tell if there is any because the plate is too scratchy. Feel free to say anything because I'm still able to get a refund on this bow within the next couple weeks.
  8. Thank you for the comment. Currently I don't have this Hill bow in my hand so I can't check the tip, but I'll get back to this later. I'm curious about the "Unusal pernambuco" you've mentioned, because the grain of the wood is clearly not pernambuco to me, the grains are too long and wide.
  9. I've provided as much photos as possible, and the color has been adjusted to match the reality so you can assume there're no errors in color. I also attach 2 photos of the opend back plate, one is before restoration and one is after. Please if anyone knows the origin or some useful infromation about this violin, and I know the label in it is 99% not the original.
  10. I've bought 2 bows from a current auction, I would like some common and identificaiton on those bows. The W.E Hill&Sons one looks a bit doggy to me, because the wood does not look like pernambuco to me and I don't think that happends to a legit H&S bow. The HRP one has a crack on the bottom but has been repaired, anyone knows if that's gonna affect the playability?
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