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  1. Hello all, sorry I've not replied sooner I've been away. So I live on the south coast of the UK. I took it to my luthier and had had a new post, New bridge, peg adjustment and fb reshaped. It was £460 and I was very pleased with the outcome. My luthier has said that I was lucky and have a nice little fiddle for what I paid at auction plus refurb costs. If I chose to sell on I could double my money spent, but I won't be doing that this ones for me
  2. Just reading this thread, propolis is mentioned. Can I ask how it used? And how do you buy it?
  3. I too have switched to a more flexible bow and love it. It's funny you should comment on wanting to tighten it more as that's exactly how I felt when first using it. I've now come to realise it's fine and it was me wanting that same rigidity I was previously used to.
  4. Hi everyone, this is my first post and I hope I've done it correctly..I've just bought an old violin off of Amati Auctions. It has no tail piece, strings or bridge but does have pegs. Ball park figure how much will it be for a luthier to set it up to get its best sound out of it. It needs no repairs as the auction report stated it only has 2 very small old filled cracks. Thanks guys.
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