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  1. Thanks so much for your replies @Brad Dorsey and @martin swan. Even a few native French speakers I asked could not decipher the hand-written label so this is very helpful! Unfortunately, I could not find any information about Paul Marot. Was he a luthier or a violinist is still a mystery. Also, it not being an Amati Mangenot now seems to be conclusive. But why is there his label and even his pencil signature inside the violin? As I mentioned in my original post, the violin sounds exceptional. Previously to this, I have played Leon Bernardel 1902, Frédéric Chaudière 2018, and Melvin Goldsmith (strangely, no makers label indside). The violin sounds equal if not better than any of them and the price was a quarter or less what you would pay for the former (which I could not afford). I feel very lucky! I wish I would know who made it so I can pay respect to them and praise their legacy.
  2. Dear community, I have just bought this absolutely incredibly sounding violin. It was sold to me as an Amati Mangenot workshop instrument. The shop owner says the workmanship is different from Amati Mangenot violins. Does anyone have any ideas who could have made it? Also, could you try to decipher the second label above the printed one? Could that be a clue? LOB 352mm Upper bout 168mm Middle bout 113mm Lower bout 206mm
  3. Dear community, I have this violin which I would love to hear your thoughts about. Also, could you please tell me what could be the white glue used for glueing the neck? LOB 360 Many thanks!
  4. Thank you very much for your advice. Looked up the methods of repair you mentioned. Will see if I can get it repaired properly!
  5. @nathan slobodkin thank you for your comment. I will look into replacing the lapping. The crack at the adjuster is repaired, just visible.
  6. @fiddlecollector Thank you for pointing this out. I took more photos of this particular spot. To me, it looks like a dent / scratch as it doesn’t run parallel to the grain. Do you agree? Another place where there is definitely a repaired crack, is between the mortise and the adjuster. Does that devalue bow by much? Could you please confirm if the wood is pernambuco and if the lapping is silver or tinsel? From closer inspection it looks wound, more like tinsel. I am thinking of replacing it with silver if that is so. The current balance point measured from the end of adjuster is about 10” or 25.5cm. Not sure if that is the correct way to measure it. Do you think it would positively or negatively affect the balance if the lapping would be replaced to silver? Many thanks again!
  7. @Blank face Thank you very much for your reply! I don’t think the head has been repaired? I managed to take some better photos. Do you still see it here?
  8. I understand that it will likely not be identifiable, but I would love to hear your thoughts on the quality of materials and workmanship. The bow is 74cm long and it weighs 55g. Seems to be fully silver mounted. Adjuster has no pins. Octagonal part of the round stick extends beyond the (silver?) lapping. Many thanks!
  9. Thank you so much for your responses, Delabo and Jacob! I will update this post with more photos once the violin is opened for repair. Maybe that will shed some more light on its origin.
  10. I would be grateful if you could share your thoughts on what you see here. If I should take photos from better angles, more up-close shots of any parts, please let me know. I can see both lower and upper corner blocks and, I think, through neck. LOB 353mm Many thanks!!!
  11. Hello, Could you please give me your opinions on the build quality of this violin. I am sorry for the photo quality, will try to get some better ones later.
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