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  1. Jfox

    Modern Italian?

    Thanks again for any more info you might have on this I do appreciate it. If any more images or clarification is needed please let me know and I will be more than happy to respond.
  2. Jfox

    Modern Italian?

    Thanks, I wished I knew what Hungarian gypsy did it as I would try and find another.
  3. What is the maker? See pic heavy attachments. No label inside (that might be much better than having a fake label). I thought that with the design of the ebony crown on the back button, and the rounded saddle (bottom nut) that I might be able to get an idea of the maker, but I have had little to no success. If you spend time looking at this I appreciate it, and I have tried to get all the info up front as much as possible. The story of this violin. I purchased it from a distributer a few weeks back. I was going to pass on it as it was in very poor condition, but even with its poor condition, a bridge that was not actually correct or working at all it sounded rather good even compared to the high-end items distribution had at the time. I was intrigued and honestly with the neck graft that was done very well I was rather perplexed. After an hour of playing very expensive restoration projects I just kept coming back to this unlabeled one. The seller and I have seen a few violins, he has seen thousands more than I. We both agreed that is was potentially modern Italian from 19?? to 19?? (this is just a guess on our part, but he sells 700 violins per year so he knows a lot more than I). After the restoration, bushed peg holes, new pegs, bridge, sound post, rest, resurfaced and re-glued fingerboard, replaced nut, many, many hours of varnish repairs, re-glued an open seam. This turns out to be one of the best sounding violins I have ever played. I am just in shock, and very happy about it. I have played more in the last week than I have in quite some time. Thank you so much for your time.
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