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  1. Could you elaborate on why do you think it is a fake label?
  2. I would not exclude a fake label, but I am not convinced that the middle word is nowhere near "Vienna" in latin (which should be Vindobona). The inscription would not make sense as "Repaired in Vienna Prague". Also my great-grand father started playing the violin in 1910, not that far from the label date; not sure why people would fake such a recent date using the not very famous grandson of a famous luthier.
  3. Hello there. First of all, I do not want an assessment or appraisal. My great-grand father was the conductor of the São Paulo orchestra around 1930-1940 and, after the passing of my grandfather, his violin was granted to me. I don't care about price or market value as I do not want to sell it, but I would like to understand more of its history. I cannot make sense of the inscription inside. Is this a tag made by the latest person who repaired it (who seems to be E. Eman Homolka)? Was it made in 1896 or repaired (maybe in Prage, as there is something that resembles "Pragae" before the date) in 1896? Is "E" part of the name of the luthier that made it (or repaired it?)? Or is E something they add to mean some other thing? Can anyone read the middle word of the second line? Is it "Vinea", "Ninea", "Vinca"? Could any of this explain how this instrument got into the hands of an Italian immigrant in São Paulo in around 1930? Sorry if this breaks the rules of the board and thanks in advance. The violin is currently being repaired (it hasn't been played since 1967 when great-grandpa passed!) and I hope to play it when it is done, and to teach some willing offspring hopefully so it can stay in the family.
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