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  1. Yeah I agree and Poggi produces more strad models and rarely on Guarneri. Also this Guarneri model has a one piece back , which is different from most of his works with fish-bone flames . It is estimated up to180k by Tarisio and I don't know if it will end up higher. here’s the YouTube Link with this poggi played, and maybe you can decide yourself! https://youtu.be/ImhOOAV6-CQ
  2. Hello guys, There is another Poggi violin in Guarneri model in 1942 during WWII, which rarely violin was made by him during period, shows up in Auction. It seems that Poggi violins have gone crazy and got really high. Personally I think this poggi is beautiful and very unique-looking compared to others. What do you guys think about this example , and how do you guys feel about poggi these days?
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