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  1. I really appreciate the feedback. The violin is new and is a replica. It is very antiqued and, I understand, varnished using traditional methods. It is priced as an advanced student violin around $5000 USD. It's handmade in a workshop. Very happy with the instrument just wondering about the set up. The strings are not perfectly centred on the neck too. I've added some higher res pics of the bridge. Thank you all.
  2. Thank you for the comments so far. It is a new but antiqued violin. On other violins we have had the bridge sits clearly on top of the oiled violin (not varnished) and they have had no gaps. Your comments are really appreciated.
  3. Hi there, I'm looking at purchasing this violin. However, the bridge setup looks unusual (there appears to large gaps and irregularities on the base of the bridge where it meets the body - please see attached images). My question is, while not a perfect fit is this acceptable? And, more importantly, will this affect the sound given that the base of the bridge is not flush with the body of the violin? Thank you Cheers George
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