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  1. Wow! I didn’t expect such a big discussion. I‘m impressed. I‘m adding some pictures for Hempel (I hope they are helpful). I‘m wondering if there are any similarities in between the Leidolff Cello and this viola? Somebody has already mentioned this name in a conversation about this instrument. Specifically Nikolaus Leidolff. Just for information. It looks like the top is also double at the lower bouts so it’s quit sure that not only the back has been opened.
  2. Interesting! I just tried to compare all the instruments by Sebastian and Johann Carol Klotz with the viola. As far as I can tell there are more similarities in between the Sebastian Klotz violins and my viola then in between the J C Klotz Viola and mine. The shape of the sound holes, the purfling (especially on the edges of top and back) and the pegbox are very similar to the four early Sebastian Klotz instruments on the Website. The ones from the twenties are very close.
  3. Thanks for your comments! I was told it’s quite sure that it was built before 1750. I looked through many pictures of instruments by the old Mittenwald makers. I can’t find any instrument with such a high arching (you can almost see through the instrument from one ff to the other)… Also the strongly s-shaped pegbox of the viola is rarely found. To my eyes the scroll and the ff‘s look the closest to that of an Sebastian Klotz. Is there a chance of it being something like an early revarnished Sebastian Klotz Viola? I also went through a couple of Viennese makers and I find some similarities… Any ideas? And happy Easter by the way!
  4. And here some more pictures. Just the lighting is very bad. I hope the angles now are more helpful.
  5. Thank you for your comments! Regarding the hole in the pegbox. Do you think the viola could be from Prague then? Or is it too different in style? I don’t know anything about the makers there. I think the scroll with the strongly curved pegbox is very significant. Could you think of any specific maker with this style? Some people are also guessing it could be by an Italien maker who built after the Stainer model. (for example Florence). Would you strongly disagree? Would be great to know if a luthier here has seen a similar instrument. Thank you!
  6. Hi all, I‘m wondering if you have any ideas about the origin of this viola. Most violinmakers have different opinions about it. I‘m interested if anyone knows something similar? The length of the back is 41,7cm. Very high arching. Clear, transparent, honey colored, amber varnish. Covered hole in the back of the peg box. Please tell me if you need more information. Some dealers really fall in love with it and some are definitely not impressed… Musicians and the audience love it! Thanks for your help!
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