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  1. Don I have a dremel and the biggest shank size I can use is 3.2 mm ... what do tools you use to be able to fit 4 mm shank ? The eBay link you sent , is 4 mm shank ... thank you again
  2. Hi everyone does anyone knows , where to get those mill size ,,, other than international violin ... to receive them faster and maybe better price thanks in CANADA
  3. Condition and size as in the picture including several hand made handles, high quality cherry wood ... asking 120 USD for the chisel and gouge set , 50$ for the handles plus shipping located in Canada , Vancouver
  4. This is an excellent work of eye , (combined with skilled hands ... )
  5. Specially to restore the chisel that you are not only working on the edge , a belt sander is another option with a little of modifications . although I have managed to use a belt sander with no support or guide but the final edge I make by jig and on the stone manually , this is working great for me to restore gouge and chisels
  6. Hi everyone Please let me know if you have any Liberg gouge or chisel, even if you don’t wanna sell them , I would like to know what you think of it, thank you
  7. One more thing I read your article about sharpening two years ago and it actually helped me a lot, I would probably need a few years experience to maybe find out those pints
  8. Thank you Michael for reply I exactly experienced the same things as you said and it was very helpful to point them out ... but for example I have a new Narex gouge , it get eaten by stone little bit too fast ( means not very hard ) , but it become very sharp very easy , while most vintage ones I have , they don’t really get that sharp , even if I spend time to rub them more ( on 4000 or 8000 ) ; still they won’t get as sharp as the new Narex one I have ... seems it’s not only about softness or hardness ... seems some steels gets sharp easier ...
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