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  1. I'm wondering, how can you tell if your cello sound post is in a safe position? I know there is a location where it could potentially cause a sound post crack but I'm wondering where that is and how to measure it? Thanks!
  2. Thank you all so much!! Yes, I don’t believe the bridge before went towards bass side to compensate as there are no indentations there. It is moved more towards there now however to make things slightly more comfortable. He also moved the bridge slightly tward the fingerboard to help with the string hight but it's still pretty low. Yes, when he took the top off he said he did need to lower the post a bit. I noticed that the "C" side top rib is higher then the "A" side. Do you suppose this could mean it was glued to the top block a little off pushing the neck to the side? I'll see if I can get a good picture of this...
  3. Hi All, I recently had a crack in my cello that required the top plate to be removed. When I got it back my fingerboard was moved tward the "A" side and the action is very low. My Luthier said nothing could have changed the neck position but something definitely has changed. My "C" and "G" string now hit the fingerboard when I play with force and things feel off with the string being so far to the left. Has anyone ever experienced this or know what may have happened? It a completed mystery to me and I don’t know how to fix it? I'll include pictures. The 1st is before and the rest are after. Thanks!!
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