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  1. That was may assessment as well, just wanted to make sure. Like I said, I'm not too familiar with trade cellos. Top plate has to come off to repair a number of cracks and someone glued a lower bout on with wood glue. Lower block is cracked horizontally along with the lower ribs. Fingerboard dressing. Couple popped seems on the back plate. One corner needs to be built up and matched, plus some edges need to be cleaned up and touched up. New fittings. Bridge. Post. Strings. Yada yada. Thanks for your insight. Much appreciated.
  2. Hey ya'll. I'm trying to get a little more info on this cello a client brought in. It belonged to his late wife and he wants it restored but only if he can break even after selling it. From what I can see, it needs about $2k worth of repair to bring it up to snuff. I'm not terribly familiar with what I suspect is a trade cello. Anybody out there have any more info and perhaps a ballpark value once restored? It actually sounds pretty great considering it's been sitting for 20 years, has multiple busted seems, old strings and is just in a wretched state. Thanks in advance! Ryan
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