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  1. Finishing my Bachelor's this year but hoping to be accepted to a violin making school after. I've played violin for more than 10 years, have limited woodworking experience, and a long fascination with violin making video playlists. I did some looking a while back and found 4 commonly suggested manuals for building and repair. I'd like to study and practice techniques at a local workshop after school to be prepared for the work ahead. Which of the following do you guys recommend as most essential for a healthy introduction to the craft: The Manual of Violin Making - Brian Derber Violin Restoration: A Manual for Violin Makers - Hans Weisshar and Margaret Shipman The Strobel Series for Violin Makers - Henry Strobel The Art of ViolinMaking - Chris Johnson and Roy Courtnall or if there are any other manuals you think are better for a beginner, please do let me know in response. I want to get the best reference for my investment and act on my inspiration.
  2. I recently became obsessed with starting a career in violin making, so to test my commitment and start a foundation of skills before applying to a school, I started looking for some online resources to begin my journey. I have a list of books, tools, and videos that detail specific parts of the process, but I'm looking for a "set-up to finish" guide which I could follow to make my first instrument. There are many makers on YouTube who've filmed their process in an aesthetically beautiful way that I can get some tips and hints from, but don't instruct or teach in any way. The only series I found that offers the kind of course I'm looking for is meastro-Kimon's "Making a violin" playlist. However, I'm not sure if he goes into enough detail to prepare me for the whole process and I would be willing to pay for some masterclasses I've seen: "When Trees Sing, The Complete Guide to Violin Making" (2010) by Peter Prier (founder of VMSA) is 15 hours of instruction for DVD and available for $750. This is the most professionally recorded and distributed set, but the only info I have on the content is a promo without instructions. I'm sure this set has influenced many makers and there would be an established opinion on how useful it is to a beginner. "Violin Making with Lucas Fabro" (2021) is over 37 hours of instruction for online streaming and available for $532. I hope some have seen this course and can tell if it is worth a purchase. I don't think I'm a fan of the presentation but it is the cheapest option. "Edgar's Online Violinmaking Academy" (2022) by Edgar Russ is about 33 hours (11 hours for the first third, extrapolated) of instruction for online streaming and available for $1100 for a limited time. This is the set I'm personally most excited about, as I've seen Russ speak in many videos and find him inspiring. Obviously very few makers will have seen the course as it is not even fully released but I would appreciate thoughts on its potential. It is possible, of course, that none of these options are worth spending on and I should just purchase the books by Johnson, Strobel, and Biddulph and study a bunch of the good YouTube series.
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